Different Types of House Cleaning Services

Different Types of House Cleaning Services

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Different Types of House Cleaning Services

There are various types of places to be cleaned like houses, Office space, vehicles etc. Hence, there are different types of services specialized based on what type of cleaning might be required there. These can be categorized and further sub categorized. People may even opt for weekly, monthly services on a regular basis orwhile move in/move out of house also. These services are available from different types of agencies, companies, maid Service Company, franchise etc. Here are few types of Hour Maid Cleaning Services that are available from these organizations in general.

  • Residential Cleaning
  • General &overall house– This is the most popular type and generally required service which includes all the areas of the house. Right from the Living room, bed rooms, kitchen and bathroom. What they do is dusting, cleaning of house and kitchen including the chimney, taking out rubbish and waste, changing the bed linen, changing linen in the house, sanitizing of the toilet, vacuuming, mopping etc. Cleaning post-renovations and Move-in or move out of the house.

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  • Floor cleaningin the house includes carpets, furniture, tiles, wooden flooring, furniture dusting and polishing if you have opted. Professionals also help you with moving your furniture.
  • Pool Cleaning of the house is general brushing, removing waste and filter the water.. It can also include fountains as well.
  • Cleaning of drains, vents exhaust which includes unclogging of blocked drains in kitchen, bathrooms, even in toilet or anywhere else. Drains in garages, driveways or even gutters can be drained by Hour Maid cleaning service professionals.
  • Office Space:

This will be general cleaning service like vacuuming, mopping, carpets, sweeping, dusting, and emptying of trash cans and bathrooms. This can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Depending on the regularity, work may differ. For example, if it is a daily cleaning, it would include all the doors and glass doors, walls, mop the floors, vacuum carpets and floors, bathroom and kitchen along with sanitizing them, elevators, removing garbage from all places etc. A monthly process might include cleaning of hard floors and glass with squeegee and vacuuming of chairs and vents on a monthly basis apart from all the daily tasks. Cleaning of Parking space and windows can also be included in this.

  • Vehicle cleaning: This includes cleaning of your car, RV or even a private jet. The services would be just like a servicing the vehicle from exteriors and interiors.

All these services are provided by different types of professionals like freelancers, agency, franchise a Business etc. It is always advisable to pick up on cleaning services from a Cleaning Business. This is a company that is run privately and employs people who are specialist in this service. They charge on hourly basis and very reasonably priced as well. With this type, you get a dedicated professional and hence can get work done in a much satisfying way. They even use good quality products that would not be harsh on the thigs at your house.

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