Trendy Furniture Ideas – A knowhow

Trendy Furniture Ideas – A knowhow

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Decorating our homes is no longer about keeping it simple. Like all other trends, designing your house with the right wall colors and furniture has now become a trend. Following a trend, would define how classy you are.

Last year where everything was about being flamboyant and metallic, this year it’s about rich colors. Sofa color choices are varying from brooding violets to emerald greens. Further, we are seeing a lot of summer shades or a lot of the colors from the summer/spring palette on the walls and contrastingly on the furniture enhancing the look of the entire room. For the furniture we are now seeing a lot darker wood tones being used, like acacia wood and so on, with a retro glamor look. Add metallic handles to complete look and add an extra touch of glam to your wooden furniture. There is a lot of covers and patterns that are displaying Rajasthani influence. Adding to this look is the natural handmade woven wicker furniture. With conservation of the nature being taken very seriously to save the environment, even the home decorations are seeing the effect of this where walls are being decorated in hues to green and grey the ceiling is being decorated using cane basket and we see a lot of lamp shades over dinner tables having the same decor.

A lot of tropical plants are being kept around the house for décor and thus creating a natural looking relaxing environment. Think for big leaves and patterned plants while working with plants around the place. Complementing the use of a lot of natural items, there are lot of bright greens and mustard yellows seen around the house in the cutlery and other household items. Warm, rich yellows feel organic and all-natural, and pair best with cream and blue accents. Reading lamps and shades are displaying usage of brass finish to recycle rather than the metallic finish seen last year. The brass finish creates a rich earthy look that complements the environment trend we see as far as interiors are concerned. Hence we are seeing more of soft pinks and emerald greens to accentuate the brass tones perfectly. Furniture made entirely from recycled plastics, cans, and smartphone screens. This indicates a lot of new design being created with purpose. Velvet along with leather is another material that is being used very frequently. Designers are trying to create something unique and natural out of everything. Even the tables and chairs are using bright colors contrasting with the walls to give the entire house a vibrant and rich feel. Furniture among leisure and work areas is being mixed to create a more comfortable feeling.

The furniture trends for this year seem moving more to the Indian way in a modern version without compromising on the aesthetics. Overall, a lot of prints and lampshades are inspired by the Indian culture. The basic logic of decorating the house is keep the place as uncluttered as possible so that good vibes provide the right energy in the house.