Who Can Benefit from a Lift and Rise Recliner?

Who Can Benefit from a Lift and Rise Recliner?

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Rise Recliner

Lift and rise recliners are special recliners that have a small electric motor in the base of the chair. This motor helps lift the back of the recliner up while dipping the front downward, making it much easier to get up and out of the chair. These recliners are a great option for a number of different individuals, including the elderly, those with disabilities, and those who have trouble standing due to recent accidents or operations.

The Elderly

When they were first designed, lift and rise recliners were mainly marketed to the elderly. As people age, the joints and muscles in the legs can begin to weaken. Standing can become difficult, especially from a chair or sofa that sits low to the ground, or one that has soft cushioning that you sink into. When the recliner lifts up and dips downwards, your joints and muscles don’t have to do as much work to get out of the chair. The chair puts you partially into a standing position, making it much easier to stand.

Rise Recliner

Those with Disabilities

Individuals who are partially disabled may need to walk with a cane or other mobility assistance tool. They may also have difficulties standing and can benefit from a lift and rise recliner. If you need one of these pieces of furniture, there are a number of Southampton retail furniture stores that carry different brands of lift and rise recliners.

Those Experiencing Temporary Trouble Standing

If you’ve had an operation or are recovering from an accident in which your legs or hips were injured, you may experience difficulty standing for several months. While physical therapy may eventually restore your ability to rise easily, you may need assistance while your body heals and recovers. A lift and rise recliner, even though you may only need it for the short term, is still a good investment. When you no longer need assistance standing, these recliners function just like a standard recliner, offering all the comfort you could want in addition to extra support when you need it.