How to repair your leather lounge?

How to repair your leather lounge?

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Just like living beings, every machine or product or furniture has a lifespan. And just as we fall ill, every one of them breaks down as well from time to time.

Lounge chairs too have a shelf life. After a while, they lose their usual bounciness and suppleness. Their spring suspension systems rewire and they get all saggy. Even their skin whither and tears and sometimes peels off. But the good part is, irrespective of the material, be it cotton, resin, leather, vinyl, nylon or any other synthetic material, it can be repaired and brought to look as good as new again.

Every conventional house has a lounge set. And every luxurious house has a leather lounge. Nothing defines style and classiness more perfectly than a leather lounge. Besides their look, they are also extremely comfortable to sit and relax in. They do not stick to the skin like other synthetic materials such as nylon, resin, and vinyl. They have a super clean finish and a nice woody smell. Also, their manufacture and disposal are not harmful to the environment.

A lounge chair is usually placed at the centre of any room. This means it has to be the most attractive and eye-catching item in there. If it is old and dirty it needs to be repaired. This is done so that it does not destroy the look of the entire place or look outdated.

Even though leather is a highly durable material, leather lounges are susceptible to moisture especially be being in contact with the human skin during hot and humid weather. If any liquid falls on it, it will seep through the foam and make it moldy and damp. It requires a high level of maintenance or else it will start to peel and crack. Also the leather is very expensive and if you go to replace your deteriorated product it will cost you a buck load. A more feasible option is to get it repaired.

You could either hand it over to some professionals at are upholstering service or else do it yourself.

Leather lounge repair is not as hard as it may seem. All you have to do is go to your local hardware store and purchase the following products:

  • A leather cleaning solution

If you can’t find a cleaning solution, then make one yourself by mixing a quarter litre of warm water with one tablespoon natural castile soap and a few drops of vinegar.

  • A leather conditioner
  • A leather repair kit
  • A lint-free cloth

Step 1:

Spray the cleaner over the scratches on the couch and wipe it dry with a towel.

Step 2:

Apply a thin layer of the conditioner over the couch. Use your hands to rub the conditioner in a circular motion until it gets absorbed completely by the leather.

Step 3:

The leather lounge repair kit will have a set of paints and a chart that will tell you which combination of paints will patch up your couch. Do not worry. The leather is a natural substance and only comes in a few varieties of colours.

Step 4:

Apply this paint over the damaged area and wait for it to dry.

Step 5:

Wipe off the excess conditioner with the cloth.

Your leather lounge will be as good as new.

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