The Unique Features of Odyssey VX-9

The Unique Features of Odyssey VX-9

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Odyssey is undoubtedly a leading technology company when it comes to projector manufacturing. The company had been around for long and produced various categories and models of projectors, which can be 3LCD, LED or LCD. Their products are built to last long and will always deliver top quality for every dime you spend on them. Consequent of the varieties being produced; the company can meet your needs in projectors. The products made by the company will still satisfy home enthusiasts entirely at all times. One of such top-level projectors made by the company is the Odyssey VX-9.  In this write-up, we will look at some of the features that make this brand to be unique.

Screen display

The screen display of the Odyssey NR-90 is one of the features that set it apart. It can cover between 50 and 250 inches space, which makes it the perfect choice for the home. The wide display ensures that home users can have a better feel of the pictures and feel like they are part of the story being told.  Aside from being useful for home viewing, the projector is equally the perfect choice for theatres and auditoriums. Consequently, you can buy it for your church programs, political rally, and so on. The wide screen ensures that the projector can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Sharp image

Despite the wideness of the screen, the image remains 100% sharp so that the viewer can get a full feel of the story. The sharpness ensures that you do not just follow the story, but become part of it. It can transcend you from the limited space in your living room to the location where the movie was shot. The sharp image equally ensures that the story being told can be registered in your memory for days, weeks, months or even years to come.   The sharpness of the Odyssey VX-9 HDTV projector is further promoted buy its full 1080 pixel. The contrast ratio is also 45,000:1. You will feel like you can touch the images in real life.

Additionally, the unique sharpness of the image ensures that the pictures can be captured easily by people far away from the projector; this is one of the features that make it the perfect choice of a projector for a large auditorium or other places where a large number of people are gathering.  The unique images add a lot of quality to life and make your leisure times a wonderful time at all times.


One other feature that makes the Odyssey VX-9 one of the best for all categories of end users, be it home use or outdoor use, is its affordability. It is undoubtedly one of the most affordable projectors you can ever find around that has the same set of features you will enjoy in this one. Despite its affordability, it has better quality than many other projectors in the same category.


The features mentioned above make Odyssey VX-9 tick. If you need a top-quality projector for your outdoor or indoor use, this is undoubtedly the best to consider. Investing in this projector is one investment you will never regret.

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