How to Decorate Stones with Paint

How to Decorate Stones with Paint

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how to decorate stones with paint

Do you want to do creative crafts by spending very little? You have reached the right place! And it is in a How we believe that decorating stones is a great idea to spend very entertaining times and then decorate your home economically. First of all, go to the edge of a river, to the beach or any other place where you can find stones and then follow the recommendations of this article carefully to learn how to decorate stones with paint.

Animals with stones how to decorate stones with paint

A great idea to decorate stones with paint – especially if children are going to participate – is to turn them into beautiful animals. So, you can opt for those that you like, as well as you can choose different levels of complexity:

  • Ladybugs: they are very simple to make, you just have to paint the body in a plain color and with black paint to draw the head and the dots.
  • Chick: painting an oval stone – similar to an egg – you can similar a chick that is coming out of the egg. You will only need white, black and yellow paint for the peak.
  • Penguins: another animal very easy to draw on a stone will be the penguin, since again you will only need white, black and orange paintings.
  • Fish: from a slightly more advanced level, you can also decorate stones in the shape of fish. In this case, you can choose to draw first with a pencil before coloring your fish.
  • Owls: these trendy birds are also ideal for drawing on stones. It will be ideal to give them a lot of color, although it should be noted that you will need very finite brushes to get all the details done.

Fruits with stones

These strawberries look real, right? And with the painted stones you can get very accomplished results with which you can decorate any room in your home. These beautiful fruits will be ideal to place in your kitchen, on the dining table or wherever you want.

To make them, you must first paint several layers of red paint to achieve a base of intense color. Once dry, you can now make the details of the strawberries, that is, the leaves with green paint and the little pits that cover them with a very thin brush or a black fine-tipped marker.

Cactus with stones

Another fun option to decorate stones with paint is to make cactus fun that will look beautiful in your home (and will not need watering!). In this way, you will have to look for elongated stones of different sizes to make it more realistic.

You only have to paint them in one or several shades of green and, once this color is dry, make with white paint the details that will become the spikes of the cactus. Finally, you will have to fill a pot or pot with sand and place the stones on top so that it looks like they are planted. Funny, eh!

Mandalas with stones

The mandalas are instruments of contemplation from Buddhism and are characterized by concentric shapes, especially based on circles wide variety of colors. That is why in addition to drawing mandalas on paper it will also be very relaxing to do it on stones, although it should be noted that it is an activity that requires a lot of patience.

So, you can download an Internet design and draw it on the stone before coloring it with paint. we also give you a hand and we offer you different mandalas for each season of the year in these links:

  • Spring mandalas
  • Summer mandalas
  • Autumn mandalas
  • Winter Mandalas

Minions with stones

how to decorate stones with paint

And why not turn stones into cartoons? The Minions are now one of the characters that are causing more furor among children and even adults. Therefore, you can choose to draw these cute yellow dolls on stones and succeed as the most.

To do this, you will need yellow, blue, black paint, self-adhesive eyes and follow the steps that we explain in this other article about how to make Minions with stones.

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