Metal floor lamps

Metal floor lamps

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Metal was the staple material for floor lamps up until only a few decades ago. People did not have access to man made materials like plastic so they had to make lamps out of what was available which in this case is metal. Metal lamps are still quite popular but I will go over the pros and cons so you can make your own decision on whether you would like to buy a metal floor lamp or not.


Metal home salt lamps are very durable. Metal is the most durable substance that lamps are made of today and you can be sure that your metal lamp will not break. Even if your lamp does happen to break most metal lamps come with a warranty so you can easily get a new one.

Metal floor lamps are very heavy. This means that it will take a lot more to knock a metal floor lamp over than a plastic one of the same size. This could be very important for safety reasons if you have small children or pets that are running around and could possibly knock your floor lamp over.

Metal lamps have huge potential to enhance the style of your room. There are tons of different types of metal lamps so you can easily find one that will suit your room’s theme. Metal lamps can have many different finishes that complement your room’s style. A rustic finish will work much better in some rooms but a clean sharp finish will complement a modern style room nicely. Lamps made of other materials might not be as common and it might be hard to find a lamp you really like, made with the material of your choice.


As mentioned in the pros section, metal floor lamps are very heavy. This does mean that they are less likely to fall over but when they do fall over they will cause more damage. This fact is something to consider when placing your metal lamp. Also as metal lamps are very heavy they are a lot harder to move around. If you are going to be moving your lamp around a lot then you should consider the fact that metal lamps are harder to move around than a similar sized lamp made of plastic.

Usually metal floor lamps are more expensive than other types of lamps. Metal floor lamps take more time and money to manufacture so they end up costing more. To sum up, metal lamps are very durable and stylistic but are slight ly harder to move and are more expensive. Over all I would say that metal floor lamps are usually very good quality and worth the price.