Tips on Choosing a Professional Granite Countertop Fabricator

Tips on Choosing a Professional Granite Countertop Fabricator

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Granite countertops are indeed the strongest stone-based worktops available. They combine both aesthetic and functional qualities to give an elegant transformation of your kitchen, office or business premises. Purchasing granite countertops in Ireland is a lifetime investment, thus the need to entrust a professional fabricator with delivering and installing the countertops. Here are some tips for identifying a skilled fabricator.

Search online

Most reputable fabrication companies advertise their services through the internet. By searching online, you will save both time and money. Read reviews to evaluate the relationship between the fabricator and past clients. Only focus on companies that are offering their services in your locality.

Compare quotes

Asking for quotes will enable you to compare the total cost of this investment and you will be able to budget effectively. You can settle for the company that offers you an affordable solution. Even so, be careful not to be attracted by lower costs and get low quality granite countertops.

After settling on a potential company, get answers to these important questions.

Does the company do fabrication and installation?

Not all companies do both activities. It is therefore important to understand what the company offers so that you can make additional plans if need be. However, most reputable companies offer both services and you can be sure of stunning finishes after installation.

Does the company have modern equipment?

The result of modern technology is perfection. A company with the right equipment will accomplish the work without delays or avoidable mistakes. There is digital equipment that picks actual measurements and ensures your countertops match perfectly. Make sure you work with a company that has state of the art equipment.

Does the company provide references?

A reputable fabricator will show evidence of other recently completed projects. This can be in the form of pictures, visiting one of their job sites or showrooms if they have one.  This will assure you that the fabricator can perform quality work that satisfies your standards.

Do they offer a warranty on their work?

Most reputable fabricators offer a warranty for their work. This will protect your investment in case of damage during fabrication and installation. It also shows that the company is confident that they have the skills and expertise to deliver their services with precision.

Will the fabricator advise you on proper countertop maintenance?

Apart from fabrication and installation, a good fabricator will provide advice on how to clean and maintain your countertops and give you more insight into different designs and how they can blend well with your home decor and appliances.

Keep in mind that a good fabricator will not have any problem answering these questions. A skilled fabricator will ensure that you purchase quality granite worktops and install them to achieve a perfect finish.