Trends in Landscaping

Trends in Landscaping

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Landscaping has changed over the years in Canada. People are becoming more environmentally conscience and aware of the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. We want to be more efficient with our energy and water usage and the idea of growing our own food at home is more appealing. Homeowners want to create more functional, comfortable and attractive outdoor living spaces. Here are some common landscaping trends:

Sustainable Yards

The best landscapers have a keen interest in designing beautiful and sustainable landscapes for residential properties. Landscape design that reduces or prevent erosion, uses eco-friendly landscape materials and installation practices and efficient watering systems like a rain cistern collection system are all involved in green landscaping.

Native Shrubs & Plants

While many gardens still boast blooms that might not have grown naturally there, more homeowners are choosing to include native shrubs and plants in their gardens and landscaping. Attractive native grasses, ferns, flowering shrubs, berry bushes and other vegetation native to the area thrive in residential yards. Plus, these native plants already have a natural defence against insects and other pests. Learn about the top 10 native plants for the coastal region that are beautiful, hardy and readily available.


Yard lighting, both for function and for accent lighting, has become a popular component of landscape design. It helps create a more comfortable, warm and inviting outdoor living space when the sun goes down. Use nightscaping to illuminate paths, steps, architectural features and other elements of your landscaping like your ornamental fence or water feature.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are making a huge come back in urban landscaping. With just a little work, homeowners can grow tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, onions, garlic, beans, squash and other delicious veggies. Not only does this cut down on the grocery bill, it also is a means of sustainable living and is better for the environment.

Comfortable Outdoor Living Rooms

In the old days, a few plastic lawn chairs and a fold out table out in the yard would have sufficed as a patio area. Nowadays, homeowners are investing in quality, comfortable furniture for their deck and patio spaces. In fact, a lot of yards look like they’ve brought the inside, outside!

Patios are created with beautiful stone and pavers, are usually surrounded by planters or retaining walls and often have heaters, fireplaces or lights to enhance the space with warmth and ambience. Not only does this create a wonderful outdoor living space, having a paved patio area cuts down on the amount of lawn in the yard. That means less water used and less emissions used by lawn mowers and tractors.

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