2018’s top three window trends

2018’s top three window trends

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Windows are needed to let light and air into the home or office. If you are updating or replacing your windows, choosing which style and type to have fitted can be difficult. Don’t always assume that you have to replace like for like, Whether your clients are eager to customize a more modern open space, reinvent their homes for long-lasting design or establish more privacy using unique window shapes as it is often very simple to change the design. Doing this can give your entire room a fresh feel and look.

Industrial style

Open-plan living is very popular, especially for family life. Knocking down dividing walls and creating light and airy spaces is a great way to create sociable living spaces. A new trend that homeowners are starting to discover is using steel windows as partitions, which can create a modern industrial look.

Replacing solid walls with floor to ceiling steel windows is another great way to retain a light and airy look while creating separate living spaces. The steel is often recycled and thermally efficient, making it a good choice for the environment.

Maximising the light

Choosing aluminium can be a good idea if maximising the light is key, as they have very slim frames. If your current windows have fan lights, you may want to consider how often you use them and whether they are really necessary. Most double-glazed windows have a night lock option for ventilation, which is secure and enables you to have the main sash open in a locked position and allow fresh air in. Companies that specialise in dublin windows and doors have a wide selection to choose from and can offer valuable advice.

Natural light is important for wellbeing, with a Business Insider article confirming that this comes high on the priority list of office workers.

Energy-efficient windows

All double and triple glazing is energy efficient. If your windows have been glazed and fitted by professional Dublin windows and doors fitters, your glazing will keep your home weatherproof and secure for many years to come.

If you would like a conservatory or extension that requires a lot of glass, a special energy-efficient type of glass called low-e glass, or low-emissivity glass, is available. This glass has a transparent coating that significantly reduces heat transfer, which means the room is a comfortable temperature even in the colder months. If your current windows have fan lights, you may want to consider how often you use them and whether they are really necessary. This improves the energy efficiency of your home and reduces your heating bills and carbon footprint.

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