3 Common Issues With Air Conditioner and Its Easy Fixes

3 Common Issues With Air Conditioner and Its Easy Fixes

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Air conditioners or just about anything fails when you need them the most, it’s recommended that you schedule a regular maintenance with g2 air conditioning Glasgow. Air conditioners and HVAC units might not last much longer than 12 years, though they might not last forever it’s suggested that you take proper care of them to get the most out of them.

You don’t have to run to a professional every time your air conditioner fails you, there are a few simple and easy fix to get your malfunctioning air conditioner to work. Though you might not be able to fix the major issues, it’s suggested that you learn some simple tricks and quick fixes to get your air conditioner working.

Here’s a list of common air conditioner problems and quick fixes:

  1. Air conditioner not running

If your air conditioner is not working the first thing to check would be the power socket and fuse, try to restore the power and see if your air conditioner works. Sometimes, it might be the problem with the thermostat that isn’t set properly, it’s suggested that you lower the temperature by 5 degrees and see if they work. If the problem is with the faulty compressor or motor, you might have to call a professional to get the job done.

  1. Insufficient air cooling

There’s no point in having a cooling unit if you don’t get sufficient cooling in your room even after having an air conditioner. The first step would be to try decreasing the temperature of the thermostat by 5 degrees. If that’s not working, you should try cleaning the evaporator and let them for a few hours. Oftentimes, the problem will be resolved with these steps, if not consider calling a professional.

You might not be able to get sufficient cooling even when you have optimal working air conditioner, the fact remains that you might be able to achieve only a certain amount of temperature with air conditioners. It’s suggested that you consult a reputed air conditioning professionals, like the ones available at g2 air conditioning Glasgow.

  1. Air unit shuts on and off often

You might find your air unit to shut on and off frequently when there’s dirt blocking the unit’s components, like its evaporators. Clean the necessary areas like its fins and coils might solve most of its problem. It’s recommended that clean your air conditioner regularly or schedule regular air conditioning maintenance from professionals.

You might be able to clean your air conditioners when you have a basic understanding of the way it works and its parts. When you face troubles even when you have done everything right from cleaning your air conditioners to maintaining them, it’s time to call professionals to get the job done.

It might be the ideal time to call professional air condition servicer before summer to avoid the hassle of last minute appointments or unavailability of servicers. The aforementioned easy fix might be able to fix the problem most of the time, while you might have to call professionals for major issues.