4 Reasons to Use a Top Sheet

4 Reasons to Use a Top Sheet

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People have recently been taking off the top covers of their beds and have been embracing the more practical and more modern no-top sheet idea. Why not? It only seems logical, especially when you can get close to the same (if not the same) amount of comfort from your bed minus the cost and maintenance of extra layers, right?

Apparently, some microbiologists, pathologists, and expert homemakers disagree.

According to these people, there are plenty of reasons to use a top sheet. And you don’t need all of them to trump the amount you save on not buying. Here are some reasons to keep that top sheet on your bed.

  • Hygiene

According to studies, the bed is a perfect medium for plenty of microscopic organisms. It receives a regular supply of dead skin, hair follicles, bodily liquids (from sweat, drool, and other secretions), soil, lint, and other materials. It also has enough crevices and folds to house adequate colonies of fungi and bacteria. This is literally what you will be inhaling or rolling onto every time you lie down without a top sheet. Imagine putting the whole length of your body on top of a sheet that is filled with these microscopic ‘litters’. Disgusting, isn’t it?

  • Convenience

Although you can resort to regularly laundering your bed sheet, pillows, and the mattress, the option of cleaning just the top sheet still seems to be the more convenient choice. You see, if you have an additional layer on top where these hair, skin and other materials collect, you will not get the bed underneath dirty that quickly. Just take the top sheet off, clean it, and then get it back on the bed. Top sheets are usually lighter and easier to place and remove that full bed sheets, making it easier to change. Simple and convenient, right?

  • Aesthetics

Let’s face it, the top sheet will always provide an additional warmth or fluffiness to the bed. But more than that, top sheets (especially those in striking beautiful patterns) now contribute to the general aesthetics of the bedroom. Depending on the design of your top sheet, you can add more colours or accents to your room thereby creating a kind of mood or ambiance that you can totally personalize.

  • Cost

While some people may think that using a top sheet is an unnecessary expense, it may actually save you from spending more on regular full bed sheets. Top sheets cost less than full bed sheets so you can opt to buy just a few bed sheets and several top sheets instead.

When you use a top sheet, you can make sure that you have the option of changing it as quickly and as often as you want to – whether it is for hygienic or aesthetic reasons. You will have the convenience of easily changing your top sheet to have that peace of mind knowing that you are laying on a clean sheet. It will also provide you with the option of changing the look of your bed whenever it tickles your fancy. When you take these into consideration, the small additional expense of using a top sheet is overshadowed by these benefits.

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