All You Need to Know About: Plumbers

All You Need to Know About: Plumbers

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A plumber is known as a trades person who specializes in installing and maintaining systems that are used for potable water, sewage and draining in plumbing systems. They’re the people you call whenever you have an issue with anything water related within your houses or businesses.

It requires years of training and experience to become a skilled plumber, and even longer if you wish to be a licensed plumber. Apart from the stereotypes about plumbers, they are required to be competent in science and math.

There are a number of skills that plumbers need to have, as listed below:

  1. Ensuring that the safety standards and building regulations are met.
  2. Be aware of any legal regulations and safety issues.
  3. They are required to be able to read drawings and specifications to determine the layout of the water supply, waste and venting systems in the building.
  4. Test pipes for leaking using air or water pressure gauges
  5. They need to be able to detect faults within the plumbing appliances and systems; as well as correctly diagnose their causes.
  6. Be able to locate and mark positions for pipe connections, fixtures in wall and floors, and passage holes.
  7. They need to know how to measure, cut, bend, and thread pipes using machines, or power and hand tools.
  8. Have the ability to join and fit pipes together using push-on fittings, compression fitting, soldering techniques and threaded fittings.
  9. Be able to install, repair and do maintenance on domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing systems and fixtures.

Thomas James, owner and operator of Plumb Perfect Plumbing, is a master plumber with over fifteen years of industry experience. He strives to ensure that all clients have the best quality possible service through the knowledgeable and professional plumbing services that he offers.

Apart from the skills that plumbers need to know how to do. They also offer a variety of tasks that are essential for a healthy home. A kitchen is an important part of the house. So, if anything goes wrong with the sinks, water supply pipes, faucets or drainage pipes, you call a plumber to fix it. They can install, carry out repairs, offer any maintenance, repairs leaks, replace seals and valves, or even the decorative finishes in the kitchen.

They are able to lay down drainage, through human labor and machines. Ground trenches normally lead to the main drainage system from buildings and homes. They open clogged pipes using auger, plunger and electric power auger, among other tools. Not only that, but they can also install grease and separator traps and valves. Plumbers are also proficient at any plumbing services in the bathroom, such as fixing the toilet, bath tab, cleaning hard stains, replacing worn-out toilet fill valves and seals.

On top of that, they are also able to offering gas fittings, through installing new gas pipes, valves and gas fire pits, and providing system upgrades, appliance supply, repair services as well as replacements for damaged or leaking pipes.

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