Beware of the mold monster

Beware of the mold monster

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Mold is a type of fungi that thrives in damp places. There are a lot of types of fungi. A very common misconception is that all fungi are molds and are dangerous. But, not all of them are molds. In fact, the first anti-biotic that was ever discovered, Pencillin, is a fungi. This does not mean that Pencillin is a mold. Similarly, mushrooms are a type of fungi too. But we eat them, right? So, molds are only one type of fungi. Molds come in different varieties again. All molds are not dangerous either. Blue cheese, for instance, is made with the help of a mold. But, if you have mold growing in your bathroom or on your damp carpet, beware that it can be potentially dangerous. Most often, the molds growing in your house are little or more dangerous. Mold spores are so light that they can easily float around in air and carry infections along with them. If you have a baby or elderly people in your house, they are at a high risk of illness. Illnesses caused due to molds can be as simple as headaches and colds or as severe as asthma. So if you ever spot a mold in your house, do not neglect it because it is not just unappealing aesthetically, but it also harms your health. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible with the help of a mold removal Mississauga professional.

How can you detect molds?

It is not all the time that molds choose open spaces to spread in. Sometimes, they might even be growing under your tiles or inside your wall. So can do you detect molds in such cases? Just remember that molds THRIVE in damp and wet places. So if you feel unusually humid in a particular area of your house, check for molds in that area. Also, if it smelly damp and weirdly musty in an area, check where there is that wetness. There is a good chance that there is mold over there.

How to get rid of this horrid mold?

If it is just a teeny tiny area that is affected by mold, be quick to get rid of it so that it doesn’t spread anymore. Since, it is only a small bit, you can do it without professional help. You can just scrub away that affected bit and clean it with bleach solution. You need to make sure it dries very quickly and does not stay wet for a long time. This is because mold can come back to life in that case. Remember that bleach solution is not the remedy for larger mold infestations. It is just not going to help if you treat the larger infestations the same way as the minor ones. Talk to the mold removal Mississauga professional today.

For larger infestations, you need professional help. This is because, even if you miss a single spore, the mold will come right back and create havoc. Also, in most cases of larger infestations, you will need to remove the affected furniture or wood-work and replace with new one in addition to treating that entire area for mold.