Blocking Heat and UV Light with Your Windows

Blocking Heat and UV Light with Your Windows

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The windows on your home can be the greatest asset you have to blocking heat and UV light, or they can be a liability. The old style of windows that are just a single pane of glass in a wooden frame tend to be the latter. They tend to be vulnerable to heat transfer, UV light damaging your interior, and to drafts. They are prone to drafts since the wood swells and contracts as the temperature and humidity change throughout the year. Eventually, the glass no will longer fit fast into the window frame. That’s why your windows might rattle when the wind blows strongly. If you need to keep your windows in good shape, block UV light, and insulate your home, you need modern materials.

Modern Materials

The modern materials used to make windows fall into two categories: modern glass techniques and modern frame techniques. The modern frame techniques tend to be uPVC. This is a petroleum-based substance that uses the same type of material as plumbing pipes, waterproof banners, and thermal insulation. It is used in newer windows to absorb heat that would normally radiate through the glass. You can improve the insulating qualities of your glass with a uPVC frame that has many different sections. If the frame separates the window into several smaller panes, it will break up the magnification quality of glass. You can see examples of this from Ultimate Windows.

A single pane of glass often serves to magnify light and amplify its power. Breaking it up with uPVC frames is a great choice. Also, the light can be treated with anti-UV coating.

Anti-UV Coating

An anti-UV coating will work to block UV light from passing through your windows without actually blocking light. Blocking UV light is great, for this range of light is the most damaging. UV light is responsible for sunburns and for your upholstery fading. If you’ve ever had furniture sitting in the window fade over time, that’s because of UV light shining through your windows. An anti-UV coating will protect you and your furniture from the damaging spectrum of light.

Double Glazing

Finally, you can protect your home as well as save some money on heating and cooling with double glazing. Double glazing is the process of installing two panes of glass. The two panes of glass work to prevent heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home through the window. The airtight windows block most types of heat transfer and also reduce the possibility of a draft.

Since you will have airtight windows in the frame and uPVC frames, they will be much less likely to warp as the heat and humidity change. Such protection will give you longer lasting windows that protect you and your house for years to come. It will also save you a good amount of money.


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