Build your Dream Bathroom

Build your Dream Bathroom

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Many times, when you purchase a home, there are a few things that you may like to change. Kitchens and bathrooms seem to be major areas of renovation in most homes. Many families have very specific requests when it comes to bathroom design. The most common issue is when a family needs more space in their bathroom. This can be a result of a growing family, or because the kids are getting older. Sometimes elderly relatives move in and need a bathroom with special features. There are some great options when having a new bathroom designed.


When you have had a standard bathroom for many years, it can be a great treat to have one designed with luxury in mind. A bathroom fitter in Huntington can make your dreams come true. Luxury items in a bathroom often include Jacuzzi bathtubs or large walk-in showers with seats. Many showers can now be fitted with shower heads that make it feel like you are standing under the rain. In a large shower, these can be installed directly overhead. Everyone has a different idea of luxury. A bathroom fitter can help you find a design that makes you happy and also works well in the space that you have available.


It can be incredibly frustrating to be late everywhere you go because your kids are fighting over the bathroom to get ready. As kids grow older, they often need more time to get ready in the morning. Teenage girls, especially, may spend hours fixing their hair and makeup. This can make it impossible for the other kids to get in at all. There are some great designs that can help make room for everyone. Extra sinks and counter space make it possible for more than one person to get ready at the same time. A traditional Jack and Jill bathroom has two entry points with a sink and mirror, while the shower and toilet are separated. This allows for two kids to get ready in front of a mirror, while one showers or uses the restroom.


Those with disabilities may need a lot of extra space to navigate with a wheelchair or walker. The shower in many bathrooms does not accommodate those with a possibility of falling down. Walk in showers or tubs are a necessity for those with illnesses or injuries. The most common use for this addition is when an aging parent moves in. This is a great opportunity for a family to help them fit in at their new home. Special countertops can also be installed to help an elderly person reach the sink while in their wheelchair, as well.

Bathroom design can be done as a luxury improvement or a necessity. Many homes come with very basic bathrooms when they are first built. Homeowners often wait many years to change them, due to the expense. Once they money is saved up, however, it can be great fun to add a special bathtub, shower, or water feature.