Choosing the Right Colours for House painting? Five Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing the Right Colours for House painting? Five Mistakes to Avoid

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With the vast number of paint colour options available, it is very common for most of the homeowners to get confused. If you want to make sure that you do not take a wrong turn on the colour wheel, ensure that you avoid these five mistakes when picking colours for house painting.

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Choosing the right colour for your home can be overwhelming. With innumerable colour palettes and several brands, it is very common to end up making a mistake. But as painting the house is an enormous undertaking, it is very important that you choose colours very cautiously to avoid making any expensive mistakes.

If you are searching for the best colours for painting your home and don’t want to make a mistake, we have made a list of five most common mistakes that you should avoid at any cost.

  1. Selecting the Colour First

If you are renovating the entire home, the biggest mistake you can commit when house painting is to select the paint colour first. Plan the room first and then start thinking about the colours that would effortlessly support all the elements of the room. Colour cues can be taken from fabrics in the room to ensure that everything looks amazing.

  1. Letting Your Emotions Select the Colour

A bright red or blue might be your favourite colour, but it might not really be the best choice for painting your home. The general aim of painting is to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, and these colours might not always deliver the expected outcome. Understand what your motive behind painting the house is and what kind of vibe you want your home to have. This will make it easier for you to pick the right colours.

  1. Using too many Different Colours

While it is alright to be a little creative with the colour selection, too many different colours in all the various parts of the home is not something that you should do. It is better to pick a uniform scheme of colours with some subtle tonal shifts if required to create a pleasing and cohesive effect.

  1. Don’t be Too Safe

While some homeowners experiment a lot, others are guilty of not experimenting at all. While it is completely alright to play safe in some of the rooms, avoid a lot of conservatism as it will dampen the spirit of your home. Think beyond the common neutral colours and you’ll surely find several tasteful and interesting options.

  1. Not Considering the Natural Light

While darker colours are trending now and they do create a classic appeal, it is important to understand that darker shades need plenty of natural light to create the right effect. If you are considering darker colours, make sure that you do consider the availability of natural light in your home. Lack of ample lighting and dark colours would make your home look depressing and claustrophobic.

If all of this seems too much, choose professional painting services from online portals like HouseJoy to get all the assistance you need. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, this is an excellent alternative to avoid making mistakes when picking the right colours for your home.

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