Comparison of blinds and window shutters

Comparison of blinds and window shutters

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The utilization of window covers plays a major role for protecting your rooms from excessive sunlight. In order to have a pleasant sunlight in their houses, they are choosing these window blinds. The installation, measuring services, fitting services etc. are paid by some companies to their customers like blinds swansea, one of the service area under the company 3blinds nice. There are different window covering options other than curtains. They are nothing but termed as blinds and shutters.

Let’s have a keen discussion on both blinds and shutters with its functionality to justify which suits well. For styling of your rooms in terms of decorative purposes, these shutters and blinds are used. 

Shutter role:

It acts like a classical approach in covering your window. It instantly offers more light and filtered air for your room. It gives you pleasant air and freshness in the room. It attracts your guests and it is available in different stylish designs too. But compared to blinds, its maintenance is also very less. These are easier to clean and there is no presence of mechanisms involved. Not much amount of heat is present in your home and provides good security as well. There will be no matter of chords and chains in these shutters for minimizing hazards to your children. No issue may arise during its fitting and installation time.

But the drawback is that it is very expensive and takes more space compared to blinds during fitting.

Blinds role:

It is also acts like a window cover. It is available in different styles and patterns with attractive colors. You will be offered an option of your imaginative style of choosing and fitting. Styles involved are roman, wooden, roller and all other different types of blinds. Most probably wooden blinds are preferable for bathrooms and kitchens. It is more advisable to avoid plastic window blinds as their slats will be damaged easily. It is easy to maintain and clean up with ease by using dry or damp cloth from time to time. These blinds are made perfectly that suits your window measurement only. The free measurement services will be provided to the customers by some companies like blinds swansea, this is one of the service area under 3blinds nice company.

But the drawback is, the slats of some window blind styles can be damaged sometimes. The duration period of these blinds is very less compared to shutters. Its cleaning but time taken is more as compared to shutters. Moreover, some fabrics will fade off with to time due to continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays.


Therefore based on the above discussion, both shutters and blinds are resided with its subsequent nature. Both have its reliable pros and cons.  So choosing the right blind or shutter plays a major role based on your budget and choice.


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