Exterior Lighting Ideas

Exterior Lighting Ideas

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The outer part of the house is the first thing people notice. It is the part that makes the first impression of your home. Therefore, it is necessary to make it look presentable. There are many ways by which you can make the exterior of your home look decent, classy and stylish at the same time. And what’s more is that you don’t have to spend much on it. It only requires proper planning, designing and your creativity and resourcefulness to make it look good. There are many things you can put outside to beautify it, but one of the essentials is exterior home lighting. Lighting is one of the essential elements of every landscape you’ll see. If used correctly, it could project anything look more beautiful and extraordinary. If you are planning to add some lighting on the other part of your house, here are some tips you might want to consider for each section you will be brightening up.

Front Door

Your door and everything surrounding it is something that will always get noticed; therefore, it is important to give time and consideration when decorating. There are many lights intended for the doorway, and most of them are exquisite which makes it difficult to choose. It is essential to consider the position, size, and style when choosing for your lighting. You need to take into account the design of your home, pick one that will complement it and make it look even more beautiful. For example, it best to use hanging lights when you have grand entryways. It makes the place look full. For lower entryways, you can mount the light on both sides of the door.


When it comes to the porch, a ceiling mounted hanging light is perfect. It could illuminate the space and make it brighter and cozier. Furthermore, for more efficiency and reasons, it is also advisable to choose a fanlight. It is to ensure you feel comfortable during those hot afternoons and humid evenings.


For your garden, it is advisable to light up the paths. You may use post lanterns so they can lit more space. It can make your walk in the evenings safer and more enjoyable. It is also advisable to put some lights along the flower beds. They will illuminate the flowers and make them more radiant and glow at night making them a genuinely eye-catching scene.

Front Walkway

Lighting the walkway primarily for safety reasons is necessary. It is often unavoidable for you or your guests to take evening strolls. Good lighting in the paths makes it safer and more accessible to take a walk, especially at night. You may opt for light posts or low ground lights depending on your taste.


The garage is useful in many ways and putting the right light surrounding it is helpful. Garage lighting is not just for aesthetics but to help when parking. It is true especially when you need to bring your car in at night. A lot of minor accidents happen when parking or going in the garage due to lack of lighting. Furthermore, it can also be used as an added illumination especially if you use the roadway going there for sports or barbecues.