Front Door Installation Ottawa

Front Door Installation Ottawa

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The front door installation should be done by a qualified door installer. He only fitted it correctly. There are two people are required for Door Installation Ottawa. Because the weight of the front door is heavy to handle.

It is necessary to check the new door’s measurement with older one before going to replacing the older one. One should need to check the packaging to know if any damage is occurred in transit. If no damage is occurred, then unpack the door and handle with care. After that, measure the new door with older one and know if you get the correct size for your door installation. And also check the all fittings sent with the new door. To know more about door installation, contact us.

If everything is ok, then remove the older door. Remove the door without damaging the frame. By using saw, cut the middle of the door frame and then remove the entire door frame. Measure the width and breadth of the new door size. Cut the excess part of the door and make sure that it would be perfectly fitted to the sill. Apply silicon layer to end of the door and sill.

Before going to install the door, attach the handle first. Then position the new door and fix it well to the frame and bricks. Make sure that the door is in stable position. If it is stable, then open the door and support it by using bricks. Check whether the frame is level in both sides. Adjust it if it is not in level.

Measure the location of the screws and take the supplier suggestion to fix them in the desired location. If the positions are correct, then drill the door and the wall. Fix the screws tightly. If you are not tightening the screws, then the damage is occurred to both frames and door. Now you can remove the tape of the front door and paint them with silicon and give a good finishing. Test the all mechanisms of the door, when you are closing it. Tighten the screws if they are not fix well. Adjust the hangers.

The door installation ottawa is not an easy task. It need so many things to consider. So always hire a professional door installation company ottawa. Because, they know everything about the door installation and some important factors about installing a front door. So, don’t fix it by yourself. The front door is the most important one for house. It protects our entire home and gives beautiful look to the house. The door installers are using different mechanisms to fixing the front door. The lock system is most important factor to consider. The professional door installation company is giving many options for door lock system. Based on your requirement, they will suggest the best one to your home.

So, always hire the professional door installers for front door installation. There are many different types and styles of doors are available in the companies. You need to choose the best one that perfectly suits to your home. Everybody taking extra care on choosing the front door because it provides not only security but also give beautiful look to your house.