Gardening on a Budget

Gardening on a Budget

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Gardening on a Budget

Thousands across the UK are joining the green thumb horde, with gardening more than ever a trendy, cathartic and rewarding pastime. Many do however find themselves falling into the trap of overspending on a hobby that can actually be enjoyed with relatively little expense.

In this article we’ll go over some great general tips and pointers for keeping your costs down as you get stuck into the fascinating world of gardening. As challenging as the hobby can be, it’s got all the characteristics of a cheap hobby if you know how and look to the future.

Getting started

The best thing about gardening is the creativity you can express in setting your garden up. It’s great to get started at any time in the year; in winter you can save big by scooping up discarded or cheaply sold equipment so that you’re good to go come spring and summer while still having a few pennies in your pocket by the end of it.

It’s best to get inventive when you look to buy your equipment. Many online giving and sales sites such as Gumtree and Freecycle can be incredible places to score a range of gardening equipment. Sometimes you’ll be able to pick up even brand new tools at no cost other than the travel to pick them up – many people discard equipment by using sites like Freecycle.

Gardening on a Budget

You’ll be looking at much better results if you gather your items in winter – off season purchasing is likely to be much more discounted than the sales you will find garden centres shouting about in the lead up to the warmer months. It’s rewarding to look to sites like Freecycle instead of taking a drive down to the local centre – you’ll get in touch with other gardening aficionados and are likely to get deals a chain or store could never feasibly offer you.

Use winter
Gardens are more than just plants. Winter is a fantastic time to look towards the accompanying elements of a garden such as your walls and patio areas. Buying goods like paint and DIY equipment cheaply in winter can give you satisfying work to get on with that you wouldn’t find the time for in spring, summer and fall when you are more tied up with plants and direct gardening.

There are also specific types of crops and plants that are ideally suited for winter, so you always have some options available.

Save on seeds by using your own

There’s a special kind of allure to buying items instead of sourcing your own. The same applies to seeds!

It’s a special case with gardening that you can save serious funds by using seeds from your last crop to sow for the next season or year. Seeds are mostly easy to store in Tupperware boxes or jars and you can easily cover yourself with surplus seeds from your staple crops instead of having to pay up at the local centre or store.

Don’t buy more than you need

Easier said than done; we’re all human! Sometimes temptation gets the better of us and we purchase things we don’t quite need at the time. This applies to gardening just as it does for many areas of life and you can cut down on your expenses significantly by being realistic about what your next season’s requirements are.

A social way to ensure you don’t fall foul of this is to share your resources with other fellow gardeners. It’s a great way to enjoy the social side of gardening and it can help avoid nasty overbuys by sharing the love back and forth.

Don’t go low quality with your tools

Savings are more than just about the immediate cost. Gardening is a heavy duty hobby and your tools need to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

You might be able to buy tools at very low prices from discount stores, but how long will they last? It’s best to go to your community and ask other gardeners or go to online review sites and forums to see what the best products are.

Some brands will tend to be lower price and sturdily built and identifying these best purchases will mean you won’t be caught buying the same items over and over each year – it can cost more initially but will save you big time in the long term.

Need a helping hand?

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