Home Addition Is More than Just Space

Home Addition Is More than Just Space

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There comes a time in the family when children have to have separate rooms.  You can’t stop it. Literally, your house should grow with the children. The demands of providing your family enough space for privacy and entertainment could be taking a toll on you.

Are you giving up your home for a new place of abode? Is the need for space enough reason to leave the neighborhood you have learned to love for years? Is the need for an extra room convincing enough to move to another place?

Reconsidering Addition

When your home lacks space and amenities such as guest room, spacious kitchen, or master bathroom, you could sell it and trade for something that structurally satisfies the needs of the family. But moving could even be costlier.

You may entertain the idea of having additions in your home. There are a lot of advantages in home addition.

  • Provides More Space to the Family

Home addition, as mentioned earlier, adds space to the house. The additional square footage could be used to expand the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or family room.

  • Accommodates Family Members

There are kids that move back home. You can’t send them away. According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, 40% of young adults live at home.

  • Adds Luxury and Feature

You don’t need to buy a house to add luxury to your bedroom or bathroom or adding a sun room to your house.

  • Can Add Up to Income

Having an additional bedroom or space in your house could provide you a space for lease. You can rent it out for additional income.

  • Cheaper than Moving

Home addition would always be a more economical choice than moving. Moving entails packing and reorganizing. You also have to hire movers as well.

What to Undertake in Home Addition?

Home addition is not a spur – of – the – moment decision. You have to consider the other members of the family. Here are the things that you have to undertake.

  • Exhaust possible options

You have to explore possible options before jumping into having addition at home. Determine the need for an addition and consider practical reasons as well.

  • Finalize a build you want

Although you will have your contractor work for you, it is also important that you have come up with a finalized build that you want. After all, it is your home.

  • Choose the materials to be used

The materials that you will use depends on your budget and the kind of architectural design your home has. The addition should seamlessly blend with the existing design.

  • Getting home addition done

When you are through with the rest of the guidelines, the only thing left is to get the home addition done.

Home addition is one of the ways to meet your family’s need for space. Every family grows and this has to be a primary consideration for home addition. The growing demand for home additions in Northern Virginia could somehow convince you to have it done to your home as well.