How can we keep our roof clean?

How can we keep our roof clean?

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In a house, every part is important like your bedroom is a place where you can take rest, your study room where you can do your study, your TV lawn where you can spend time with your family and the most important the roof where you can enjoy different games and eventhe rainy and beautiful weather. When your house gives you too many entertainments at a time then it is your duty also to keep it clean and makes it beautiful. TV lawn, bedroom and study room are those rooms, which are used on daily basis and are cleaned as well on daily basis but the roof is that part if used on weekends and cleaned very often. So let’s discuss some tips for roof cleaning.

  1. Try to clean the roof on weekends and if there is any problem in cleaning the roofs then avoid to put those things on the roof which will get rusted and make your roof duty and spread germs.
  2. If you have to go somewhere for a long time then try to clean it once before you go because in your absence the roof will become fully duty and will become a second home for germs and bacteria. Once they start live on your roof they will hardly leave the roof.
  3. If somehow they start their habitat on your roof then call a roof cleaning company. there are many companies, which are doing such duties and prevent the roofs from the harms of germs and bacteria.
  4. Advise your children, not to keep the roof dirty. Clean it after they have done with their games. Clean all the mess and keep the roof neat and clean. 99.9% dirt will be cleaned by the children if they put back their toys after playing.

So what will be the duties of the parents? As the biggest duty of the parents is how can they contribute their role in keeping the roof clean? Being housewives, women are always conscious about the cleaning of the house so there is no chance they will leave the roof of the house unclean. Good women are always known for their good work and good manners. It will be an example of cherry on top if the men have also the good manner and he knows that good men always helps their ladies.

  • Which things should not be on the roof?

all the things which can get rusted in contact with air and water should not be on theroof of the house because the material of these things react with air and produce harmful gems which are not good for health. Don’t collect sand on your roof as some plants roots will grow there and spread their roots and will try to weaken your roof material. So if you see even a small plant on your roof then you should remove it immediately and plant it in your garden where it will get a good growth. So roof cleaning is as important as the cleaning of your whole house.

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