How to improve overall look of your exterior walls

How to improve overall look of your exterior walls

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Everyone wants to live in beautiful house, mostly people care about the interior decoration andmaintenance of house. Rarely people think that there house must look good from outside as it is from inside. Mostly exterior walls faces all atmospheric trauma like rain, sun heat and fierce wind. That’s the reason why exterior walls loss their shine and colour. Moreover ac wiring and drainage pipes can look untidy if not covered properly, they can destroy the outer look of home.

Unattractive built up hazards can result in destroying outer beauty of your home. Sometimes mason do not use proper materials to avoid efflorescence, which is the significance that wall catchmoisture. This efflorescence looks white on cemented wall which later converts in greenish colour. All this can destroy exterior walls and paints as well.

Today everyone gives importance to visual pleasure, may be you have invested a lot in making your home but if your home is looking untidy and unmaintained from exterior walls then you will not be counted civilised at all. Exterior walls plays an important role in describing the personality of an owner. You can invest millions of dollars in making your home, yet if you are not taking care about maintenance of exterior walls then your investment is in vain. Exterior wall catches moisture because of many reasons such as mason or building contractor has not used quality material in walls, ac lines and drainage pipelines are not designed in such way to avoid moisture on the walls,groundwater may causeefflorescence’son the walls.

If the building contractor compromises in the quality of material, walls get affected by salt present in water and thus the wall becomes white and looks spotted. When humidity is low water gets evaporated fast and do not affect wall surface. On the other hand if humidity is high water evaporates slowly and walls catches moisture. These white patches caused by rainy season, appears in spring and as summer appears they gradually vanishes.

A home must have structural integrity and for such firmness walls must be constructed with fine materials such as concrete, bricks, granite and blocks. These materials can add durability to the walls for many years to come. Exterior walls can be made in different patterns, you can choose one which suits your building structure and budget. Load bearing wall is one type that can take the load of foundation and are made of concrete, stones and blocks.

Reinforced wall is usually useful for those areas which are deeply affected by harsh weather. This reinforcement is involved while manufacturing the walls at certain gap to give wall a solid base. Composite walls are made with hollow bricks along with steel framing. This is most affordable kind of wall. Hollow wall can be the best option of wall,in this wall mason creates a gap between interior and exterior wall, thus interior temperature remains under control and exterior wall do not catch moisture. Post tension walls are made to avoid herriculane attack and earthquake affect. While constructing this wall constructor involve heavy steel rods at certain gaps to face the natural havoc. In short your exterior wall’s good appearance is as important as interiors.

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