How To Perform An Emergency Automatic Doors Repair

How To Perform An Emergency Automatic Doors Repair

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In general you’ll only find automatic doors in commercial premises. In fact, there are so many of them in existence that you probably barely notice they are there. Automatic doors are at the entrance to many stores, to lifts and even into your bank.

But this is not the only place you’ll find them. The electronic door on your garage or main gates works on the same principle. The only real difference is that the door is controlled by a remote button instead of a sensor.

In general it is best to get automatic doors repair completed by a professional firm. Ideally you should keep the number of a firm to hand as this will ensure you don’t need to perform automatic doors repair yourself.

If this is not possible then you may need to perform a temporary fix yourself. You firstly need to be aware of which components are included in your automatic doors.

How To Perform An Emergency Automatic Doors Repair

  • The door

There is little that can go wrong with the door unless it has been damaged through force. This would mean a vehicle driving into it or perhaps an angry person with a sledgehammer.

Although automatic the door is still bolted to hinges which allow it to move. If it is too damaged to open properly then you will need to remove it from its hinges to allow access. You will need to order a replacement door and then have a professional automatic doors repair firm reattach it for you. They will make sure it is properly aligned.

  • Sensor or receiver

All electronic doors have either a receiver, to receive the code you transit, or a sensor which detects your arrival and opens for you. These are electrical components and it is possible they can fail.

To resolve this issue and gain access while waiting for the automatic doors repair firm you need to isolate the sensor and bypass it.

This means removing the power from the sensor and directing it straight to the door motor. You’ll find there is a power into the sensor / receiver; this is potentially live and best left alone. Instead, attach a new cable to the power in terminal of the motor and then touch the other end to the power in on the sensor. The motor should start working and open the door.

Then either leave it open or close it again until the automatic doors repair firm arrives.

  • Motor

If the motor fails your door is likely to be stuck in one position. If you look at the mechanism you may find a handle which will allow you to manually open and even close the doors. Instructions regarding how to do this will be with the handle and should be very simple.

Again, you’ll need to wait for the automatic doors repair firm to sort the issue for you.

  • Rail

The rail is the piece that the doors slide on and might not be visible. As with the door, this is only likely to be an issue if it has been damaged through force. In this case you will need to open the door as far as you can and then wait; the rail will need to be replaced.

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