Importance of Latex foam mattresses

Importance of Latex foam mattresses

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A latex foam mattress is made of naturally available sticky milky like fluid from the rubber tree. It is firm and gives good support to your back. It is generally liked by those who have back problems and need extra support. Latex foam mattress also gives you goo quality sleep as it shapes according to your body. Before buying any type of latex mattress, you must know the benefits to ensure that you invest in the right mattress.

Benefits of Latex foam mattress:

  1. Support: As the mattress is made of natural materials from rubber tree, it is firm and hence, it gives good support to your back and a soft comfort feeling that comes with it. Due to this reason, it is mostly preferred by people with lower back pain or those who need support to their spine.
  2. Anti-bacterial: As the latex foam mattress is made from natural material, it is also antibacterial. It resists all kinds of bacteria and dust mites without any need for chemicals. This means it keeps you away from all sorts of allergies. This is one reason that many people choose a latex foam mattress.
  3. Comfort: There are open cells made in the latex foam mattress purposefully to allow breathability and flow of air. Due to this, there is a perfect temperature while sleeping which is particularly suitable for warm locations.

The mattress also distributes your body pressure evenly which means it molds according to your sleep pattern. This is the reason why many physiotherapists and osteopaths recommend this mattress.

  1. Movement isolation: While you sleep on a latex mattress, you would not feel the movements of your partner which is also a great comfort level to allow undisturbed sleep.
  2. Durability: A Latex foam mattress is expensive, but it is highly durable and hence will be a good choice for your investment.

What type of latex foam mattress to buy?

After knowing the benefits of latex foam mattress, if you are looking to invest in one, you better know the differences between the various types of latex foam mattresses.

There are 3 types of latex foam mattress.

  1. All natural – Made of natural material derived from the rubber tree.
  2. Synthetic latex foam mattress – Styrene, a monomer is polymerized with surfactants to get a material that resembles the natural material.
  3. Mixed Latex foam mattress – It is a combination of a ration of natural and synthetic latex to give you the same comfort and durability of natural latex foam mattress at a reasonable price.

Irrespective of the material, any of these types of mattress are made by 2 processes.

  1. Dunlop Process
  2. Talalay Process

The only difference between these processes is that a mattress produced by Dunlop process is firmer and the one through Talalay process is soft.

Conclusion: You would be the best to judge to choose a mattress which suits your requirement and comfort levels. Warranty of these mattresses is reputed as the most long lasting mattresses.