Important key Data / Technical Data of a Suction Robot:

Important key Data / Technical Data of a Suction Robot:

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To compare the bots better, you should note some values and details. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer can provide satisfactory information, yet it makes sense to have the following things in view. Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, you should think about a few features and extras. It is very annoying if one after the purchase ascertained that one would have placed better on another device.

Size, width, height

The size is not so much the breadth, but the height. If you want the vacuum cleaner robot to also suck under cupboards, sofas or beds, you should measure it carefully here. It would be an annoyance if the device is only a few millimeters too big for the required throughput.

Battery times

Also, should be placed on the battery run times. Unfortunately, these are dependent on the particular soil texture, but they are sometimes given approximately. The same applies to the battery charging times.


For sensor technology, the better the device is equipped, the more accurate the room orientation and the collision detection should be. This is logical, but exceptions confirm the rule. For Amazon, for example, customer reviews can serve as an aid and may help to decide.


There are differences in mechanics. There are models with counter-rotating brushes or those with only one brush. I personally would in the case of doubt choose a suction robot with two brushes, since this one can clean carpets more profoundly and secondly is also somewhat more energy-saving. In addition, care should be taken to use at least one side brush (for corners and edges). Shark Rocket TruePet is one of the best vacuum cleaners.


Unfortunately, the range is not always stated. However, some providers offer a recommendation. An exact square meter cannot be determined since each room has different obstacles and the robot has to switch the direction differently often. Nevertheless, it is helpful if a device is recommended for 40 or 100 square meters.


If you have a lot of carpets, you should use a suction brush with as many brushes as possible, since the dust is deeply embedded in the fibers and the suction power of a robot cannot match that of a vacuum cleaner. By using the brushes (or roller brushes), more dust particles are released from the carpet and the cleaning performance is drastically increased. It is often even better than when a normal vacuum cleaner is used.

Base station

A base station is often indispensable if one should suck the suction robot during an absence suck. At the base station, the robot recharges its battery. Modern devices have these as standard.

New Robots have a very high-performance battery. In terms of the room size to be sucked, it may not be necessary to charge the batteries in the meantime. In addition, robots also appear which at the station the dirt into a larger bag (vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferer).

Shark Rocket TruePet is the modern vacuum cleaner which comes with various accessories that solve your all kind of cleaning issues.

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