Know The Carpet Industry in India and Its SWOT Analysis

Know The Carpet Industry in India and Its SWOT Analysis

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Indian carpet industry is the leading industry in the world and it is one of the industries which are prevailing since centuries. This industry plays a major role in Indian export industry. Moguls actually introduced this industry in India and started weaving carpet in India which kept on flourishing. Over the time, the weavers in India have transformed this art by imbibing some of the magical colors in the carpets designed and prepared at Carpet Industry in India. The weavers at the Indian Carpet Industry bought many aesthetic changes in the touch and look of the Indian weaved carpets and they are playing with the colors to provide you with unusual and artistic elegance and beauty with the Indian designed carpets.  Indian designed carpets. Some of the major belts of carpet in India are Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kashmir and Haryana belt.

Different Types of Carpets Made by Carpet Exporters in India

The carpets manufactured by the Carpet Industry in India are categorized into two board groups, the modern carpets and traditional carpets. However, the suppliers usually supply a variety of Indian manufactured carpets including

  • Hand-Knotted Woollen Carpets
  • Chainstich Rugs
  • GABBE Woollen Carpets
  • Tufted Woollen Carpets
  • Staple or Synthetic Carpets
  • Pure Silk Carpets
  • Handmade Woollen Dhurries

Each of these carpets in India has their own specific characteristics and specialization in regards to look, designs and the material used to manufacture and design it. The variety of these carpets caters to a variety of needs of the customers.

SWOT Analysis

The carpet industry is the unique industry in India, even today. But it is highly unorganized and lacks in proper channels. This is where the Carpet Exporters in India faces difficulty in supplying and exporting carpet to foreign countries. Fortunately, in past few years the carpet experts from India has experienced huge leap in the exporting. Therefore the industry is making huge contribution to the economy of the nation in the last fiscal year. With the SWOT Analysis you will know the value drivers and the tentative blocks within the industry.

  • Strengths – Over the time, this carpet industry has grown due to the easy availability of the cheap labour, artistic skills and low cost material. Exporters are finding new creative ways and flexibility in exporting the carpets too
  • Weakness – The biggest weakness of the industry is that the industry is still highly unorganized. The exporters lack in marketing channels and they also suffer due to the internal competition, poor infra, intellectual property rights and lack of professional approach
  • Opportunities – Today the home furnishing industry is gradually moving towards Carpet Industry in India, thereby resulting in evolution of new carpet designs. This increases the demands of stocking and warehousing services.
  • Threats – Unhealthy competition going on within the industry is hampering the businesses of Carpet Exporters in India. If it is not managed aptly, then this may lead to rebound within the industry, making it complicated to sustain. So, the industry keep on inviting risks of possible backlash on itself.

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