Modern essentials for the bohemian look in your living room

Modern essentials for the bohemian look in your living room

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Contemporary, creative, busy and inspired and with a touch of gypsy elegance, the perfect bohemian living room ranges from relaxed comfort to classic chic. If you’re looking to recreate that laid back artistic vibe in your home, you’ll need these essentials.

Monterey Sofa

Timeless timber fashioned in an iconic silhouette, the Monterey Sofa continues to evolve to meet modern trends. A 3 person sofa is the perfect contrast to a bohemian lounge area, while a Monterey love seat tucks nicely against your feature wall, framed by a vase of wild coyote mint.

Wrought Iron Coffee Table

A heavy wood tabletop with inlaid mosaic tiles contrasting with a plush rug that ‘really ties the room together’. Wrought iron legs match well with tiles varnished redwood floors. Adorn with coloured candles, flowers or crystal trinkets to soften the mood. For folks looking for living room furniture for sale in Lake Charles LA, a wrought iron coffee table could be the perfect centerpiece.


Bohemian Throw Cushions

Drawing inspiration from Aztec designs, North American flora, birds, beads and Buddhist mandalas, bohemian throw cushions add dazzling splashes of color to offset the muted hues of your standard Lousiana living room. Pile them up in a wicker basket against a whitewashed wall or lay casually along the sofa. Larger cushions can be used for floor time when entertaining and relaxing, while the eclectic patterns ensure these cushions stay relevant through almost every redecorating effort.

Art Deco Sideboard

Recall Hollywood’s golden age with a true staple of the era. Art deco sideboards weave unique form with bold symmetry and eye catching contrast well suited to the neutral tones of tiled and wooden floors. Adorn with era-specific curios like blow glass carafes, ashtrays and an ivory telephone. Complete the scene with some poppy flowers left to dry.

Reclaimed Bookcase

Turn trash into treasure with a reclaimed bookcase made from the prow of a rowboat. For Louisiana locals hunting for living room furniture for sale in Lake Charles LA, this clever addition fits perfectly in just about any living space.

Wicker Armchair

When there’s raindrops on the window it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book on your favourite wicker armchair. Pair with a throw rug and a couple of plush and comfy cushions and see out the wet weather with a cup of herbal tea and the smooth tones of Barry Manilow playing softly from the stereo.

Porch Hammock

Watch the sunset (or sunrise) with that special someone curled up on a relaxing hammock. OK so this one technically isn’t for the living room, but we couldn’t resist this bohemian favorite.

A Giant Wall Clock (Cause Why Not)

Take your new bohemian living roomdown the rabbit hall with an over sized wall clock. Not only does it give the living room a look worthy of a Tim Burton film, but you’ll never look track of the time again.

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