Ofuro tub – A know how

Ofuro tub – A know how

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Ofuro tub

Ofuro is a Japanese soaking bath tub which is making lots of rage among bath tubs. All Japanese tubs are well fabricated with bench seat and comfort obtained is very blissful. In particular, Ofuro is wooden bath tub. Baths of this kind are found in most houses of Japan and it well fits in small apartment bath rooms too. Traditionally, Ofuro tubs are made from wood but currently they are manufactured in plastic or stainless steel variants.

Ofuro bath tub is very different from western bath tub as it is very deeper than former bath tub variants. Whereas, Ofuro sides are square in shape and western bath tub sides are generally smooth and sloped. Drainage is not present in Japanese Ofuro bath tubs and water in the tub is heated using wood- burning stove built below bath tub. The Ofuro is the perfect balance of simplicity, beauty, aromatic wood and deep hot water!

Ofuro bath tubs are filled with water previous night and are used for various purposes following morning. Ofuro bathing is generally a ritual that is followed in most of the Japanese households and is used for relaxing after a stress filled day. A modern Ofuro is made of various materials like acrylic, steel and top end models come with re- heating facilities. These types of systems are connected to water heater that works using electricity.

Japan is the country which has more natural hot springs and relaxing in neck high hot water soothes body forgetting all stress caused during day. Ofuro bath tubs were made using Hinoki woods which are loaded with antiseptic properties. Local households of Japan use Hinoki wood chop boards to ward off microbes. The wood releases pleasant aroma when filled with hot water. The oil derived from Hinoki wood is used to get relief from breathing difficulties like asthma.

Ofuro tub

Water in an Ofuro tub are normally set in low temperatures, so that user can bath and scrub. Wood tubs like Ofuro last for many years and antiseptic properties of wood guard against mold. Modern users fix drain under the removable floor without making the room look messier. Few soaking tubs are comparatively smaller than conventional tubs. But, traditional Ofuro bath tubs are deeper and longer. Modern Ofuro bath tubs are partially sunk under flooring and drain is hid under the bath tub.

Wood is specially designed to match guaranteed standards. Hinoki wood makes perfect bath tub and sober in color. The Hinoki wood is very durable and originate pleasant odor, which makes perfect Ofuro bath tub. Few bath tubs are made using Red Cedar wood which is reddish brown in color with cedar fragrance. This natural fragrance soothes and calms stressed body after a hectic day.

Ofuro bath tubs can be cleaned very easily, quick rinse is enough after each use whereas, and Western bath tubs are complicated when it comes to cleaning. Modern Ofuro bath tubs are detailed with complex details and styles and further technological inventions make bath tub bathing experience even more pleasant.