Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Plaster Ceiling Repairs

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Southern Ceiling Repairs in Albany, WA are specialists when it comes to all types of ceiling repairs, but especially plaster ceiling repair. Not only that, we also repair and replace damaged walls, install new walls and ceilings during a renovation and we cover ceiling repair insurance work as well. Southern Ceiling is number 1 premium ceiling repair and ceiling installer in Albany. We offer a quality services with and affordable price.

Quality Plaster Ceiling Repair

A common name for plasterboard is Gyprock. There is no difference between Gyprock and plasterboard. They are the same thing. However, Gyprock is a well known and trusted plasterboard brand.Gyprockis the plasterboard of choice by Southern Ceiling Repairs and it’s what we recommend for a quality result and beautiful finish.

If your home in Denmark, Bunbury, Albany or anywhere in between is suffering from any form of ceiling issue, then call us in as soon as possible before a small problem becomes a bigger one. If your ceiling has fine lines, cracks, flaking paint and plaster, looks discoloured or is starting to sag, flaking paint and plaster, looks discoloured or is starting to sag,you will need quality plaster ceiling repair to correct the problem. We are happy to help you 24/7 for emergency needs.

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For minor problems often a patch up job is all that’s required. When it comes to gyprock ceiling repair for water damage, we will remove the damaged sections, ensure the roof structure is sound, then carefully replace the afflicted area with new plasterboard. It’s the same for a sagging or collapsed ceiling. The supporting structure needs to be repaired before we can replace with new plasterboard.

At Southern Ceiling Repairs we also perform repairs to plasterboard walls. Although walls don’t generally collapse, they suffer all sorts of knocks and wear and tear. We can patch holes, replace plasterboard panels and even build brand new walls. Our ceiling fixers are ready to help you for residential or commercial property.

Plaster Ceiling Repair Southern WA

There is no too small or too large work for us. If you require plaster ceiling repair in Albany, Bunbury, Denmark and all areas in between, get in touch with the experts at Southern Ceiling Repairs. We pride ourselves on skilfully performing all ceiling repair, plaster ceiling repair and ceiling repair water damage. Quality customer service is very important to us.

We are fully insured and quotes are free. Call today on 0433 653 333 or email us at

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