Six Advantages of Installing Double-Glazed Bi-Fold Doors

Six Advantages of Installing Double-Glazed Bi-Fold Doors

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If you want to replace the patio door for something more stylish or are widening the door leading to the garden, then you should consider replacing it with a bi-fold door. Bi-fold doors have many advantages, including those listed below.

Expands Living Space

By installing a bi-fold door to the patio, you can make the outdoor space a part of your dining area or living space. When entertaining family or friends, you can push aside the doors to incorporate the outdoor area into your home. This will allow people to move freely from indoors to outdoors without missing anything going on in either space.

Enjoy Better Air Flow

During the months between winter and summer when the air is cool but enjoyable, opening the bi-fold doors can let you and your family enjoy fresh air circulating throughout your house. As the weather warms, you won’t need to spend money using the air conditioner when it really isn’t needed. By installing a retractable screen, you can keep mosquitoes, flies, and other pests from entering your inside space when the doors are open.

Reduce Draughts

By choosing double-glazed bi-fold doors, you can reduce the air seepage from outside to inside your home. Not only will this prevent cold air from creating cold spots near the doors but it will also keep from triggering the heater.

Since it will not cycle on and off as much, you can reduce your energy bills and keep the unit from overworking, which will help prolong its life. As much as 15% of the warm air in your home can leak outside through ordinary doors but with double-glazed doors, you could prevent the heat loss and reduce your bills.

Wide Colour Variety

In the past, aluminium doors and windows were only available in bare material, which wasn’t that attractive. Fortunately, with the creation of uPVC material, bi-fold doors are available in a variety of colours that can complement or contrast with the exterior of your home. Some of the available colours and patterns include white, black ash, nut tree, grey aluminium, and golden oak.

Durable Frames

Along with offering a wide variety of colours, uPVC frames are durable and will withstand years of harsh winter and summer weather. They are made to withstand the blistering heat of the sun as well as extremely cold weather in the winter. Homeowners also don’t have to worry about insect infestations such as termites when they have bi-fold doors made from uPVC frames.

Reduces Outside Noises

With double-glazed windows, the noise from outside is greatly reduced so loud truck or car sounds will not interrupt your child’s nap. Outside noises will also not disturb your pet, who may start barking and disturb your neighbours. If someone is a daytime sleeper due to his or her work schedule, he or she won’t be awoken by backfiring vehicles or even children playing in the neighbourhood after school.

If you want to create an indoor/outdoor space, then installing bi-fold doors with double-glazed glass can make the outdoors a part of your living area.