Taking Advantage of the Forthcoming Housing Market Boom: The Benefits of Upgrading Your Paving Solutions

Taking Advantage of the Forthcoming Housing Market Boom: The Benefits of Upgrading Your Paving Solutions

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Roughly 900,000 homes in the UK were sold during the past 12 months, and this figure is expected to increase to 1.3 million by the year 2022, which means that our nation’s housing market will return to its pre-financial crisis highs in due time.

Thus, to help you take full advantage of this impending revival and considerably boost your property’s resale value, this brief article will highlight the documented benefits of partnering with a reputable surfacing firm in your vicinity.

Lucrative ROI

During a prominent home improvement study conducted in 2017, analysts were able to highlight the true value of domestic paving:

  • Simply by installing a new driveway in Norwich, you can bump up your property’s market value by approximately 82% of the initial construction fees.
  • As such, a typical €4,000 paving upgrade can boost your land’s appraisal value by as much as €3,3000.
  • However, if your property currently features an archaic gravel or dirt driveway, it’s important to note that your ROI can surge well past 100%. The shift from an outmoded driveway to a new-age tarmac is very impactful in today’s real estate arena.
  • Implementing bespoke pathways, patios, and walkways around the perimeter of your home is also a lucrative option, which means you’ll be able to recoup between 55-65% of the upfront costs.

This reinforces the idea that you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of pounds on extensions, loft conversions, and other high-priced projects just to enhance your home’s market value.

Unprecedented Durability

Irrespective of whether you opt for asphalt, tarmacadam, or any other type of paving surface, it’s worth noting that your local surfacing company can install robust, enduring solutions that will last for many years to come.

As a matter of fact, your new driveways and walkways will be able to uphold their full value for as long as 12 to 35 years, depending on the local climate, usage rate, and installation strategy. With this notion in mind, your local surfacing specialists will be able to recommend the most suitable approach to account for your unique needs and penchants.

Aesthetic Appeal

The difference between a cracked, unkempt driveway and a modernised, bespoke solution is striking to say in the least, especially if you choose to include extruded curbing features within the design plans.

In this regard, a new-age tarmac can improve the overall appeal of any type of property immediately following the installation, as well as lend a perceptible sense of class to your landscape.

Personalised Options According to Your Budget

If you establish a relationship with a CHAS-approved surfacing firm, you’ll have a chance to work hand-in-hand with a highly trained, compassionate team of paving experts to ascertain the ideal paving project based on your financial restrictions and property type.

So be sure to visit the website of an esteemed surfacing company in your vicinity and evaluate their portfolio before booking your onsite consultation. It’s definitely the best way to initiate your home improvement endeavours in 2018.

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