The Essential Components of a Modern Roof

The Essential Components of a Modern Roof

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The roof is perhaps the most critical part of a building, as it offers protection against the elements, and technology has made an impact on roofing, helping the homeowner win their constant battle with Mother Nature, by ensuring the roof can withstand the extremes of the Australian climate. For those who are not familiar with construction methodology, here is an overview of the make-up of a modern roof.

Joists and Rafters

Typically, a pitched roof will be created by using a series of steel A frames, which are attached to the exterior walls and held together at the apex by welded struts. These are then strengthened with more steel struts, and the thin roof tile strips are laid at the correct distance from each other, ready for the final covering, which might be roof tiles, or shingles, as they are also known, or possibly steel sheeting, which is very popular in most regions of Australia.


If you are going to utilise the inner roof space, it is nice to have a skylight, and with modern aluminium fabrications that are made to the customer’s specifications, the ideal size and location can be selected. If you live in NSW, take a look at the extensive range of Paterson Supplies skylights, and with most other accessories, such as extractors and vents, all at affordable prices.


If you are Australian, rainwater harvesting might be an attractive addition to your home, and with the right guttering and an adequate sized water storage tank, you can harvest a large portion of the family’s water needs, saving you money as well. The ideal guttering should be both wide and shallow, allowing for large volumes of water to move, and stainless steel is the ideal material, as it is non-corrosive and very durable.


For more than a century, shingles have provided roof coverings for Australian homes, and even today, the traditional roof tile is still the preferred covering for a domestic roof. If you need to replace broken shingles, it might be a problem to source something similar, especially if it is an old property, but there are roofing contractors who have access to a wide range of used roof tiles, and can usually find an exact match.

Corrugated Steel

This is a favoured roof covering, as it eliminates storm damage, as there are no shingles, and the sheets are overlapped and riveted together, making them more than a match for the extreme Australian climate. The steel can also be sealed after the roof is installed, and this will add at least 10 years to the lifespan of the roof, and it also reflects heat well, which keeps the interior cooler in the summer months. The coatings for roofing materials have advanced to the point where you can protect a roof in a coastal area with a single application, and most homeowners will have looked into ways of sealing their roof and found affordable solutions.

The modern roof is built to last and with composite materials and coatings, it is possible to offer a high level of protection that keeps roofing issues at bay.