What a Modern Water Storage Tank Comprises of

What a Modern Water Storage Tank Comprises of

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We’ve come a long way in many regards, with composite materials and new and innovative ways to fabricate things, and one cannot compare a modern water storage tank with something 40 or 50 years old. In its day, the steel water tank with a plastic liner was the best around, and at least it would hold the water, for which it was intended. Modern water tanks, on the other hand, are built to last, and not only that, the water will always remain fresh and drinkable. The complex construction of such a piece of equipment is the secret to its ability to conserve water hygienically, and for those who would like to know more about the make-up of a modern water storage tank, here is a brief overview.

The Outer Material

Bluescope steel is the perfect outer casing for corrugated water tanks, and the sheeting is fabricated with galvanised struts and weather protected. The shell is resistant to extreme climates and it comes in a range of colours, along with a 20-year guarantee. The base would be prepared by the customer according to the tank manufacturer’s specifications, and would either be concrete or a bed of sand at least, and the thickness would depend on the size of the tank. Commercial tanks can exceed 2 million litres, and with multiple units, even the largest of farms would greatly benefit from such a set up.

The Food Grade Tank Liner

This is the core of the ability to store water safely, and using a multi-layered combination, the lining will always maintain a high level of hygiene, keeping the water drinkable. The surface that makes contact with the water is made from metallocene, and this thin film is laminated with two layers of food grade polyethylene. This is then attached to a scrim, which is woven and gives the liner its durability. Finally, an additional layer of polyethylene is added to give the scrim total protection.

Australian Water Standards

The top of the range manufacturer would complete the entire fabrication process in their own factory, and would be tested for the following:

  • Taste
  • Appearance
  • Organism growth
  • Toxic activity
  • Mutagenic activity

In some parts of the Northern Territories, water storage tanks are a vital component to living, and for large commercial operations, a few million litres of water is required, and storing such amounts is a specialised field. There is one national supplier who has cornered the market for commercial and domestic water storage systems, which include all the fittings and piping that might be required.

The struts are made from special galvanised steel and can withstand anything the Australian climate can muster, and if you would like to upgrade an existing system, or create a new one, an online search will put you in touch with the nearest branch, and they can give you a professional evaluation on the best way to achieve your goals.