What are seeded glass ceiling fans?

What are seeded glass ceiling fans?

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Ceiling fans were first introduced as a commodity that can be brought from the market in early 20th century (1908 to be precise, there is no written historical record about it being official unveiling but this is the year that comes up very first with any mention of it). Earlier the ceiling fan or fan for that matter was an item of luxury which was available to or rather can only be afforded by the rich and the powerful. It was a sort of a status symbol in the times when it first came into being.

The industrial revolution which had originated in Britain was the cause to mass production of many things which earlier were considered difficult to mass produce. This industrial revolution had continued and this had been fed by the colonial empire of the British. They had the machines, their colonies provided them with the work force and the raw materials to mass produce anything which was needed. Time changed and the item of luxury fan which had been introduced recently went on to be mass produced due to the demands of the public. From one part of the world (due to the colonies of various European countries) it spread to the others, which were these colonies.  When the European countries deviated towards the complex, effective and sophisticated methods of air conditioning the east made the fan their means of warding off the heat.

The fan began to be mass produced around the world and it became a very basic and common commodity. But the fan was once a luxurious item and to get it back in that category work was done and designs were prepared. Companies like http://atomberg.com/product-ceiling-fan/ now produce some of the most energy efficient fans with the latest technologies. With more advancement, a new category of fan or rather a modification of the simple common ceiling fan was born which looks really luxurious, a seeded glass ceiling fan.  The question that arises is that what is a seeded glass ceiling fan? To get to know what that is, let’s get a little idea about what a seeded glass is?

Seeded glass is a special glass which has small seeds or globules of air placed inside the glass hence the name seeded glass. Seeded is prepared by taking molten glass and rolling it over pointed sharp objects like nails which makes an indentation and then over that rolling another layer of glass and then reshaping the whole structure such that the air globules or rather dots are sealed and incorporated between the layers of the glass.

Ceiling fans these days are used for interior decoration as well and thus they should be aesthetically pleasing and should be in sync with the interiors of the room. Seeded glass is usually used to make chandelier glass and these chandelier glasses when they are attached to a ceiling fan to incorporate the option of lighting along with the fan, the fan comes to be what is known as a seeded glass ceiling fan.  These fans are really aesthetically pleasing and they increase the creative and decorative value of the room by manifolds.