What You Should Do Before Installing Windows In The Shower?

What You Should Do Before Installing Windows In The Shower?

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Many household prefers to have a window installed in or near the shower area. In most of the situations, a problem may arise of the moisture building up. This can happen due to the water that gets clogged between the binds for shower windows and the inner walls. It surely can cause dew in mid-summer seasons or lead to frost in winter seasons. If you have your windows built too close to the shower area then it might cause the tiles or even the surrounding materials to get separated from the floor underlayment.

To actually prevent the above scenario, you need to know how to protect window in shower so that it is protected against the moisture buildup. For example, you can surely opt for the vinyl windows that are perfectly installed within a wooden-jamb. Wooden jamb specifically is a pressure treated wood that is suitable for any weather conditions. According to strawhomes.com West Vancouver real estate agency there are few points to keep in mind be before installing windows in the shower.

Apart from this another option is to install the windows a few centimeters away from the shower area. You can go through the points listed below to have a better understanding before installing the windows in the shower space.

Frosted Glass and obscured glass are very different:
With frosted glass, when it gets wet, it becomes transparent!
Choose Obscured Glass!

Obscured glass has become so popular among various architects as well as to the homeowners. Once it is properly installed, it provides an array of practical benefits. These glasses when installed within your windows will provide security and most importantly privacyas compared to the frosted glass shower window. The glasses are mainly known as image distorting glasses as people will find it impossible to peek inside your house, after you have finished installing it in your windows.

You can even purchase the reflective windows that are a type of obscured glass windows, if you wish to enjoy the views outside but be carefree as it does not allow anyone to look inside. Apart from providing a sense of security it will also give your homes an aesthetic appeal that frosted glasses fail to provide.

There are beautiful varieties of shower privacy glass available in the market. The elegant patterns which are embedded into its external surface will make your house look more decorative and splendid. Laminated glass and painted glass are the other two beautiful varieties of obscured glasses.

Privacy concerns at night:

Many of us don’t get enough time the whole day to take a good shower because of our busy schedules. It is then we decide to take a chilled shower late at night after we return home. We don’t want anyone to notice us at night as it is easy to spot someone inside if the lights are on and it’s total darkness outside.

That is why we should opt for privacy window for bathroom like obscured glasses as mentioned above rather than the shower frosted glass, as when it becomes wet the whole glass becomes transparent allowing people to have a clear view of the inside. Sometimes, obscured glasses are also not enough. So, you can opt for window film which is available in many patterns and you can choose one online from windows privacy film amazon. Basically the window film adds another cover all over the window giving you more privacy.

You can even purchase beautifully designed shower curtains that goes well matched with the bathroom wall décor for extra security plus it would also prevent the moisture buildup on the window panes as it would work as a cover-up for the entire window area.

Order Tempered Glass:

You should definitely order tempered glasses for your bathroom areas as well as for the other spaces in your homes. The benefits of tempered glass bathroom window are as follows:-

The most important benefit of the tempered glass is that it is strong, safe and resists breakage. But if due to an accident or something, if the glass breaks it will break into small pebble like pieces and not irregular sharp pieces like the regular glass ones that causes injury or deep cuts.

The tempered glasses are much toughened as they can stand against scratches, blows and strong winds.

Tempered glasses are heat resistant, that is you can have a hot bath whenever you like. While the other glasses will shatter if exposed to too much heat but these glasses can withstand high temperatures of heat.

These glasses are of high quality and also offer crystal clear precision. They are also available in an array of beautiful designs and patterns that will perfectly compliment your taste and style.

Water resistant window frame:
what is the moisture resistance of different frames?

You definitely wouldn’t want a wooden frame as it could easily get rotten because of the water getting between the window and inner walls plus you will be able to notice definite cracks appearing across it. It is advisable to install “Azek trim” all around the interior of windows as it won’t rot even if it is exposed to moisture.

Some materials that are used in the households are more moisture, water resistant than the other materials. Let’s see the moisture resistance of different frames:-

Aluminum Frames – The aluminum metal frames are light and free of maintenance but they rapidly conduct heat and are therefore a poor moisture-resistant.

Vinyl Frames – They have high moisture resistance because of the presence of UV stabilizers and polyvinyl chloride that keeps away the sunlight from destroying or breaking the material. Vinyl frames does not require any maintenance.

Wood Frames – The wooden frames does require daily maintenance and they have a low moisture resistance power.

Fiberglass Frames – They have high moisture resistance as compared to vinyl or wooden frames.

To gain some knowledge on how to protect window in shower so asto prevent it from moisture buildup, you need to analyze the above points carefully to deal with any such situation.

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To the people who do not have a window installed in their shower area or are thinking of installing one, do keep in mind the ideas as discussed above as everything have its own pros and cons. You need to consider each and every point carefully to purchase the right kind of material that will satisfy you.

To the ones who already have a window or a one way glass for bathroom window, you can still upgrade it based on these ideas if there are certain things that are disappointing you on a daily basis. Do not compromise or hesitate to change or renovate the window in your shower area whether be it a privacy concern or moisture issues.

Other bathroom decor ideas:

There are so many bathroom décor ideas that are trending nowadays. Some of them are:-

Beautiful wall décor that will perfectly coordinate with your bathroom decoration combined in beautiful shades and hues.

Matching tiles are an important part of your bathroom. Go purchase some pebble tiles or river rocks that will give your bathing area a stylish look.

Vanity sets with lots of storage space and different bathroom accessories should be the priority for every bathroom décor. Buy fashionable wall hooks, big beige baskets to store the bathing products and keep in mind to purchase vanities that goes along with the décor.

Make sure you have the perfect lighting for your bathroom that brightens up the walls and tiles of the bathing space so that it doesn’t look dull from the inside.

Do have an idea of the do’s and don’ts before you decide to install windows in the shower. There are also some of the amazing things you can think of purchasing for your bathroom décor to add up some soothing and elegant look.



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