Dianabol cycle – A knowhow

Dianabol cycle – A knowhow

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Dianabol is a very popular cycle among the users and it’s quite effective too. Here the user may use anabol alone or testosterone with it. The dbol as it commonly referred to is used in the bulking phases of the bodybuilding process.

The anabol alone cycle is very good and gives good results and has a water retention and a gain of three to four kgs at the finish of the cycle is very good for a beginner of anabolic steroids.

The dianabol cycle is mostly used bulking cycles and is paired with other steroids which are injectable such as Deca and testosterone cypionate and it is also referred to as the bread and butter cycle and it is good method of having this cycle watch how your body grows.

There can be three kinds of cycles that can be employed such as the dbol cycle, the stack cycle and the ultimate cycle. Here the period of usage and dosages vary how long a user you are.



This steroid is found both in injectable and oral forms but its consumption should be limited to six weeks as it’s very toxic in nature. The dosage too should not exceed 50mg per day.

It is seen that people who are new to the cycle of steroids are getting benefits with 20mg per day but who have been taking these steroids for long can go from 40mg to 50mg along with other supplements in their stack to achieve maximum results.

Side effects

The side effects are usually dosage related news when you start experiencing any one of the mentioned side effects it is better to taper down the dosage levels to curb the effects.

The main side effects which have been put in reviews of the drug and found by medical professionals are anger issues, acne, high blood pressure, loss of hair and toxic effects on the liver.

Consulting medical professionals before consumption of dianabol is the most accurate decision you can take as it will be helpful in assessing the right quantity dosage and pre laying medical condition. Avoiding alcohol and smoking will help the high blood pressure risk and a watch over the dosage is a must while consuming a lot of fluids to avoid damage to the liver and kidneys and all the toxins are flushed out of the body. The man boobs can be prevented if the dosage of dianabol is combined with nolvadex and other water retention products found in the market.

The dosage is usually kept low as it has to be observed by a medical guide as to how your body reacts to the drug and accordingly increase the dosage hence it can be calibrated that the side effects can initially assessed with this method and lower the risk of a potential fatality caused due to the drug usage. As soon as effects are seen on the body of the person consuming the steroid, he/ she has to stop immediately and consult a medical guide to help cure the remaining issues. Here is the link to the Recommended Site.

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