Effective Methods For Bed Bug Control in Residences

Effective Methods For Bed Bug Control in Residences

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Bed Bug Control in Residences

Bed bugs have been often known as a big cause of a lot of agony for households. As a result, the need for bed bug control is ever-present. While the most efficient method of removing bed bugs or any such pests from your home is hiring a Pest Management Professional, you might not always have the time and the money.

Methods For Bed Bug Control

In that case, the best possible scenario is to try out some methods which have been known to give varying amounts of success in controlling bedbugs. Do note that this does not replace the need for a professional, but only helps to keep them at bay for the time being.


This has proved to be very effective method for bed bug control. It is desirable that the vacuum cleaner is HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) capable. This allows you to stop the bed bugs from spreading once they are inside the vacuum cleaner. If you’re using a non-HEPA cleaner, that might work as well, as long as you are meticulous about cleaning out the vacuum cleaner once the vacuuming is finished. A crevice nozzle or a brush nozzle will help you reach cracks and crevices where bugs usually hide out. Use the vacuum cleaner to rigorously clean the mattress, bed, carpet, crevices, and clothes for maximum impact.

Hot water treatment

Bed bugs don’t necessarily stick to beds only and often spread to the clothes, furniture, and carpets. As a result, washing your clothes, bed sheets and covers in high-heat water also helps. Use a high heat option and boil any apparel and sheets for around an hour before finally finishing them off in the washing machine. A hot water treatment though works best when used with vacuuming or steam treatment.

Steam treatment

A commercial steam cleaner comes in handy when faced with bed bugs. Use a steamer which has capacity upwards of 1 gallon, since that would be ideally suited for the purpose. If it has volume control, that’s even better. Use the steamer to run it through tapestry, carpets, clothes, upholstery, and mattresses to eliminate bed bugs. Test the temperature of the object after running the steamer through it to check it has a temperature of around 160°F. This is the ideal temperature to ensure that the bugs have been successfully eliminated.

Bed leg interceptors

Using the interceptors under the bed legs to make it harder for bed bugs to climb up on the bed is another way. Bed bugs typically crawl out from crevices, feed on the person sleeping and then retreat back to their cracks. By making the process a bit more difficult, it helps to break their pattern and also acts as a warning sign that the bugs are here. This does not, however, provide a permanent solution

Bed bug proof mattress covers

Once the mattress is infested, it becomes very hard to keep them out. An alternative solution is putting the mattresses in bed bug proof covers which help in trapping the bugs in the mattresses itself. The bugs are stuck on the mattress and die from starvation.

These are cost-effective but only work as a stop-gap solution for bed bug control.