Foam aroma – the best Coffee Cup Lid Manufacturer

Foam aroma – the best Coffee Cup Lid Manufacturer

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Foam aroma – the best Coffee Cup Lid Manufacturer

Though the earliest evidence of Coffee drinking was from Yemen, this ubiquitous drink has now become one of the most popular drinks across the world. If reports are to be believed, the entire world consumes almost 10 million tons of coffee annually. The drink is so popular that people prefer it any time of the day. However, much to the chagrin of coffee lovers, their beloved drink tastes better when they can smell the aroma from an open cup of coffee. Coffee houses often receive complains that their coffee tastes better when drunk in-house. If you too are a coffee house that frequently gets such complains, it is time now to switch to Foam aroma lids – the revolutionary coffee lids that help engage all the senses of the drinker.


Coffee cup lids from this brand were created out of the need to smell the tempting aroma of coffee while simultaneously savoring the foam at every sip, even while on the move. Thus was born Foam aroma, a unique lid that helps coffee lovers savor their favorite cuppa without compromising on its taste. The design for this lid is under patent and has seen a gradual rise in the number of takers. The flexible lids are made from premium grade of polystyrene and are resistant to cracks. Their USP is their ergonomic design which has a triangular drinking hole at an angular surface. The design of this drinking hole helps dispense more foam than liquid at every sip. Thus, coffee drinkers can savor the foam at every sip. An additional benefit of this foam to liquid ration is that it lowers the temperature of the coffee. Another interesting feature of this lid is the hole at centre. This hole, which aligns to the nose of the coffee drinker, helps him/her to get a whiff of the drink and thus adds on to their entire coffee drinking experience. Foam Aroma lid also has a spillage control design that helps prevent “geyser squirt” like spills and has a reservoir area, from where the drink goes back into the cup. Thus, no more accidents related to spilling. Available on three colors, namely brown, white and black; the lid is reusable. It has a snap on fit that fits to standard coffee cups.

Try this coffee cup lid and we are sure your customers will not thank you enough!

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