Free Standing or Customized – Which Type of Wardrobe is Better for You

Free Standing or Customized – Which Type of Wardrobe is Better for You

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Free Standing or Customized – Which Type of Wardrobe is Better for You

Bedroom redecoration can be a costly project, especially when you consider that you need to buy new furniture that will last for several years. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right stuff for your bedroom; with the wardrobe style being a good example of the same. Both freestanding and fitted wardrobes have their pros and cons. We take a look at both wardrobes so that you are better placed to pick an appropriate wardrobe style for your bedroom.

Freestanding wardrobes

The freestanding wardrobe style is all about convenience. It lets you play around with different style and design options.



Those who’d like the option to update the feel and look of their bedrooms often can opt for freestanding wardrobes. These wardrobes help to easily create a fresh room design. For instance, you can buy a wardrobe that matches your bedside table or  drawer chest.

People living in rental houses

Tenants can find freestanding wardrobes the better option as they can be transported from one home to another hassle-free. In other words, wherever you go, the storage goes with you.


Maintenance is labour intensive

Since freestanding wardrobes do not touch the ceiling and the walls, you need to clean the resulting empty space regularly to keep cobweb and dust away. Objects stored on top of the wardrobes’ not only remain exposed to the dust but look untidy as well.

fitted wardrobes


The low cost and convenience of freestanding wardrobes come at a cost. Their durability is nowhere near to that of fitted wardrobes.


A huge drawback with freestanding wardrobes is that they don’t fit flush like fitted wardrobes in bedrooms that have slanted ceiling, walls or corners.

Fitted wardrobe

Fitted bedroom furniture refers to furniture that has been customised to fit perfectly in a given space.



Each bedroom differs, so the option to install tailored wardrobes is a real bonus. It can seamlessly fit in awkward spaces. Additionally, you have the option to customise storage options, lighting, and other style bits to suit your preferences.

Easy to clean

Fitted wardrobes fit flush from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. This eliminates any chance of dust accumulation around the wardrobe. Cleaning and maintenance, as such, become simple.

Space Saver 

Freestanding wardrobes are bulkier but fitted wardrobes get tucked away even in awkwardly proportioned bedrooms, thus maximising floor space. You also get shelves and railings that can be installed anywhere in the wardrobe.

Tangible Investment

Fitted wardrobes cost more than their freestanding counterparts. They are more durable too, which makes them cost-effective in the long term. Moreover, its aesthetic design adds value to your home because storage that gobbles up a lot of things and still manages to look good always appeals to homebuyers.

Contemporary style

Your home looks a class apart from vintage houses that don’t have modern fitted furniture.

To sum it up, freestanding wardrobes are versatile and give your bedroom a relaxed feel. However, fitted wardrobes offer a more streamlined and smarter use of your bedroom space. The choice, as such, depends on what suits your needs the best.

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