Is Wood Paneling Making a Comeback?

Is Wood Paneling Making a Comeback?

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reclaimed wood paneling

Do you remember the wood paneling that decorated the walls of rooms several decades ago? This style fell out of favor with most people a long time ago and it has stayed out of people’s homes as a result. But it turns out that wood paneling is making a surprising comeback, with more and more interior decorators incorporating it into their designs by using a modern twist on an old style.

Wood Paneled Accent Walls

One of the best ways to take advantage of the wood paneling comeback is by using it only on one wall in a room. This accent wall will help to transform an otherwise ordinary space into one that brings a natural element in from the outdoors. And for a more eco-friendly approach, reclaimed wood paneling is very popular and attractive. Use the wood paneling to bring color, texture, and warmth into any space, and to make even the most modern room a bit more rustic in appearance.

Painted Wood Paneling

reclaimed wood paneling

Although you could certainly find modern wood paneling in a natural finish that brings out the color of the wood that was used to make it, there are also painted wood paneling options available to make it even easier to incorporate this design element into any space. When shopping for wood paneling, you might find a lot of options in off-white or white, as those are quite popular. But you could also opt for other modern colors, such as soft gray for a room that has white window trims, as that can create some nice contrast. Ultimately, you could get really creative and combine complementary colors in a room with the help of your painted wood paneling, so go ahead and have some fun.

Wood Paneling Is Horizontally Placed

Another feature that differentiates today’s wood paneling from the wood paneling of the past is the fact that it is applied to walls horizontally rather than vertically. So you will find that the paneling is often made using 6” or 8” boards. Those boards are installed horizontally to create a sense of space across a wall and to draw the eyes side to side rather than up and down the length of the wall. And, as mentioned above, this paneling could be used on an accent wall, such as the wall behind your bed in the bedroom or the wall above a fireplace.

Consider Hiring a Pro for Installation

Whether you want an entire room to be covered in wood paneling or you want to stick with an accent wall, installing the paneling might be a little tricky. If you’re handy and you have experience with wood paneling, you could go about it on your own. Otherwise, it might be best to leave it up to a professional who can install it with the right tools.

If you want to do something a little bit different in your home when you are working on redesigning one or more rooms, consider going for an approach that incorporates the use of modern wood paneling. You might be surprised by how good it makes a room look, so don’t disregard wood paneling just because you don’t like the way it looked in the past.