Prepare Your Trees for Tornadoes to Avoid Removal

Prepare Your Trees for Tornadoes to Avoid Removal

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Do you live in an area prone to hurricanes and tornadoes? You may have taken steps to stay protected in those months, but you may have never thought about doing anything to prepare your trees for hurricanes and tornadoes. Not all the trees that look strong are actually strong from the roots. You need to inspect every tree in your property to ensure that they are in a position to deal with tornadoes or else you will end up calling a tree removal expert after the things become normal after a storm.

It is a good idea to ask a professional arborist to come and inspect your trees. You can also do it yourself, but those professionals can take steps to increase the likelihood of seeing your tree standing even after a tornado hits it. Here is more about it:

Consider Pruning Ahead of Time

You should ask a professional to inspect the trees in your backyard and help you with pruning. It will significantly lower the risk of downed limbs or broken trees. Pruning trees before tornadoes can help bring wind resistance down and make it easier for trees to hold their ground. It will also lower chances of having fallen branches because those professionals will identify weak and diseased branches and remove them carefully.

Find Extra Support

A good way to protect your trees from tornadoes and hurricanes is to provide them with some extra support. Again, an experienced arborist can lend a helping hand here. They check every tree and look for V-shaped limbs, weak branches, or split trunks. Then, they take advantage of steel strand cables for extra support. These cables are flexible and used with heavy bolts to make your tree stronger. Taking this step would help your trees live longer and prevent them from breaking suddenly. It will also help trees manage the weight of ice, snow, and dense foliage.

Feed the Tree

Arborists certainly have a role to play, but you also need to ensure that you take an initiative to keep your trees healthy. You have to take steps to keep your tree’s root system health. Trees with healthier roots are less likely to be damaged during tornadoes and hurricanes. You should pay special attention to feeding your trees and ensure that they are getting important nutrients. Along with fertilizing, you should be careful about watering your trees. Keeping them mulched may also help because it helps tree roots retain water more effectively. Mulching is also important because it lowers the likelihood of having weeds around your trees – keep in mind that removing weeds is important because they steal your trees’ nutrients and water. Taking all these steps will keep your trees’ root system healthy and ensure that they can withstand the upcoming tornado.

The fact of the matter is that you can take steps to make trees in your backyard strong enough to deal tornadoes and hurricanes, but be sure to work with a professional or you may end up looking for a tree removal help.