Setting up your new house

Setting up your new house

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Finding a perfect place to stay has always been a task. From the perfect flooring to gargantuan space. We look at every detail before getting ourselves our dream house. Well, discovering your ideal house is step one of making the house your home. Here are some tips to set up your new house in a cost-effective way.

The living Room:

Basic appliances include Furniture, kitchen supplies, electronics and home decor.  While you can go with a lot of brands for furnishing best being Ikea, the best brands for electronic appliances is Xiaomi. Coming back to furnishing we start with your living room, you can always go with the classic round arm sofa or the retro square arm sofa for your hall. Along with a tv unit that goes well with your Television, Micromax 32inch LED TV and your surround sound speakers. Again, one can go with a lot of brands but the best and most cost effective would be Xiaomi. Once basic furnishing is done. We move on to home decors. Make sure you choose your curtains wisely. Along dapper, light coloured curtain that dwells in with your walls and furnishing is best. Always remember not to overdo it with lights and decorative items. Choose a centre table that sinks in with the sofas and a carpet in the middle that pops your furnishing. Keep it simple and elegant.

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The Bed Room:

Moving on to your bedroom. Your bedroom should be the place where you find the greatest comfort. A king or a queen size bed depending upon the members of your family, matching wardrobes, subtle bedsheets and a truckload of pillows. Be it posters of your favourite bands or your childhood action figures decorate your house according to make it as comfortable as possible. If you are one of the lazy ones, you can go with an average length in-wall television,  Micromax 32inch LED TV can be an option. Cause nothing is better than watching your favourite show lying in bed. Once you have set up your living room and your bedroom its time you set up your kitchen. Setting up your kitchen might be a little tricky.

The Kitchen

Talking about the basics is one thing but does it come to occur that you might need a Bluetooth speaker setup in your kitchen for some jazz music when you are in the mood to cook? Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker 2 can be one of the best options to choose from its cost-effective and can always come in handy.

Cherry on top

You might think your house is ready but no. Now, when your house is all set up the cherry on top is the sell of your house. So always keep your house centred. Lavender, floral gaze, sunrise dew, etc. Choose a fragrance that smells welcoming. You are now ready to invite your friends, family and colleagues to show off your newly set up house.

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