Stay Under a Good Roof Commercial Vs Residential Roofing

Stay Under a Good Roof Commercial Vs Residential Roofing

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People say you’re doing well as long as you have a roof over your head. It’s cool to appreciate small things in life, but it’s also important to choose a suitable roof, literally. Roofs can be the same and also vary in a lot of ways. Things like their designs, life expectancy, and purpose may be different which is why Commercial vs. Residential roofing confuses people a lot.

When checking out these two roof types closely, variations between them start becoming evident. There’s definitely more than what meets the eye. In this case, there’s a little more than just one factor involved.

Both commercial and residential roofing use materials such as:

  • Wood Shakes
  • Solar Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • Built-Up Roof And
  • Shingles: Slate, Asphalt, Ceramic, And Tile

What Makes Commercial Roofs Different From Residential Roofs?

As the argument between Commercial vs. Residential roofing continues, you have to start taking notes on some essential components about roofing.

Commercial and residential roofs carry different types of warranties. Building a house or establishment is expensive enough, how much more if you face roof damages? Since commercial roofs tend to be installed on a broader scale, they are usually more costly.

Things like roofing materials and the design of the roof itself can affect pricing. However don’t just immediately go for the cheapest roof materials and design that you can find. Try to sit down and think about this: What’s the usual weather in your area?

Any roof will fall off if it doesn’t meet standards that can withstand the worst of the weather.

Check the roofing materials, plan your roofing budget carefully and then decide on where these factors can meet in the middle.

Take a Look At Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing covers an extensive space, and they are designed according to the weight of the equipment that is on the roof. Consider that you’d probably need help from qualified professional roofing technicians who are aware of external piping, airflow systems, and building smokestacks.

A noticeable difference in commercial roofing from regular houses’ roofs is that the former tend to have lower slopes. Commercial roofs are larger and are flatter which is why they are also called flat roofing in some places.

On the downside, since commercial roofs are made out of large spaces installed in large sections, they need maintenance more often and larger repairs.

Characteristics Of Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is in a smaller scale compared to commercial types. Not all houses have wide roofs unless you live in quite a large estate. Residential roofs are fairly easier to maintain since they take up smaller space. You spend lesser money when maintaining, repairing and replacing this kind of roof.

Roof designs for residential housing also tend to lean towards the simpler side. When installing residential roofs, there are fewer obstacles to face. The only problem that roof technicians will encounter is the chimney, and that’s about it.

Weighing Both Roofing Systems

What’s the verdict between Commercial vs. Residential roofing? It all depends on what works for you. There are cases wherein commercial roofs are better than residential roofs and vice versa. The choice is ultimately up to you. Try listing down issues that you’re worried about dealing with and don’t forget to do a bit of research as well.