Three Of The Most Secure Safes In The World

Three Of The Most Secure Safes In The World

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Three Of The Most Secure Safes In The World

Fort Knox

The most famous safe is Fort Knox, near Louisville in the American state of Kentucky. It is also one of the most heavily guarded with a military camp of more than thirty thousand troops on hand. The fortified granite building has walls that are four feet thick and lined with tons of reinforced steel. It is securely held in a compound with not one, but four perimeter fences complete with highly electrified wiring and is patrolled night and day by armed guards. Inside the building there is a series of corridors and locked doors leading to the vault that has an impenetrable steel door weighing more than twenty tons and has at least one combination lock. Inside is gold bullion weighing up to five hundred tons all neatly stacked in rows.

Granite Mountain

Hidden six hundred feet below the Wasatch mountain range near Salt Lake City in Utah, is the Mormon’s treasure trove of genealogical data. Billions of documents and microfilm containing various parish and census records collected from countries around the world that have been steadily accumulating there since 1965. The data is gradually being transcribed and made available to various family tree websites, providing the most detailed and complete archival material in the world. The site is patrolled by armed guards and the nuclear blast proof door at the entrance weighs a substantial fourteen tons.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Situated on Spitzbergen Island surrounded by the icy waters of the Norwegian Sea,it is just six hundred miles from the North Pole. The nuclear proof vault lies almost four hundred feet beneath the mountain where it houses a vast collection of seeds collected from plants in countries around the world. The site is safe from the danger of the ocean rising as it is four hundred feet above sea level. There are three smaller seed vaults set within the main one that has four reinforced steel doors to guard the entrance.

Safes For Home And Business

Some of the most secure safes don’t have to be quite so well guarded to keep valuables and money out of harm’s way. Conveniently sized compact models that can be fitted into walls or beneath floors are available in a range of fire and flood resistant casings. There are also mini safes to guard smaller items such as keys. Visit for the most extensive collection of safes in the UK.

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