TIPS on How to Choose an Air Compressor, Perfect For Any DIY Projects

TIPS on How to Choose an Air Compressor, Perfect For Any DIY Projects

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The Relevant Uses of Air Compressor Accessories What You Need to Learn

For DIY projects, it is a plus when you have your own air compressor. It can provide you with better productivity and anything that you do will be done efficiently in a timely manner. The labor will be reduced. But when a bigger air compressor does not fit the budget, getting a small air compressor is also a good choice.

However, when you don’t have any background in choosing these kinds of machines, all the numbers and specifications can be overwhelming. Don’t let this cause any confusion. This article is perfect for any DIYers who are looking into purchasing a small air compressor.


Small Means Small For Air Compressors.

Remember that Small Air Compressors are good for small-scale projects only. Here are the most important factors that are important to look for when choosing your air compressor.

  • The Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). This will tell you about how much air it can supply. This is the most important number that you should take into consideration. If the tool that you choose tends to use air faster, you will have to give it a break at some point so that the machine can catch up.
  • Talking About the Tank Size. Size of the tank will sometimes matter depending on your needs and preference. The larger the tank, the more air it will allow you to use. When most of your work will demand a good air volume, and then opt for larger tanks.
  • Don’t Bother With Psi. Most of the compressors these days can provide you with the pressure that is perfect for your DIY tools. In this case, the Psi or the pounds per square inch will not be an issue.
  • The Portability. Weight is not the only factor to consider for the machine’s portability. The shape will matter as well. The slimmer the machine is, the easier it is to carry around.

The “Must-Have” Accessories for an Air Compressor

Whatever the size or the power of your air compressor, there are accessories that you should have in your toolbox. The air compressor will not be able to work on its own without the help of these accessories. When you have the right compressor accessories, your work will go smoothly.

    • Hose. This is the most important accessory of an air compressor. The hose will be connected to the compressor and to the tool that you will be using. You can choose from recoil hoses or retractable hoses depending on your preference.
  • Filter. The filter will make the motor work properly. You need to check and change the filter from time to time to avoid it getting clogged which can stress out the motor of the compressor and reduce its lifespan.
  • The Tool Attachments. As mentioned above, you will need some of these attachments to make your work easier. You can have a nail gun, a blowgun, sander, a drill and a paint sprayer.

When it comes to air compressors, take into consideration your budget and your brand preference. Remember that additional accessories may be needed to make it work efficiently. If you want to know more about air compressor accessories, you can also visit It is best that you learn more about the brand of your choice to know if this is the perfect air compressor for your DIY projects.

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