Why spring cleaning your home can improve your mental and physical health

Why spring cleaning your home can improve your mental and physical health

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Nothing compares to the content feeling when you complete a major house-clean and look upon your clutter-free creation from the sofa with a well-earned cuppa. Scientists have discovered that the benefits go way beyond the feeling of achievement, however, with cleaning also improving your mental and physical health.

Cleaning’s effects on the body

Researchers at the University of London studied data from a survey of 20,000 people that covered weekly exercise’s effects on state of mind. Their findings showed that those who conducted strenuous cleaning – cleaning that raised the heart and breathing rate – could lower stress by up to 20 per cent.

We are uncertain why cleaning helps to lower stress, but we do know that being active releases feel-good chemical endorphins in our brain. The levels released when vigorously cleaning are thought to be similar to other physical activities such as running or biking.

There is also our innate desire to organise. Humans as a species are pattern-solving mammals. We strive to understand the surroundings around us. By cleaning and tidying, we rid ourselves of items that are out of place, unwritten tasks that need doing, and clear our environment to enable us to gather our thoughts. Having set places for items removes the stress of searching for them, making it easier to use them again in the future.


The big clean

The most common time to clean your home is spring. We have often spent months in virtual exile due to the cold weather, thus creating more dust and debris around the home than usual. Spring is the time to throw open the windows and bask in the fresh air and improved humidity. Heating can be unkind to window seals and you may find in the warmer months that a double-glazed unit needs replacing; in this case, you may need a quote from a reputable company such as a Double Glazing Cheltenham company.

You will also want to vacuum your carpets, beds and sofas to remove potential allergens from the home. In addition to dust build-up, bedbugs and fleas from family pets lay dormant in the winter. Washing your bedding and curtains on a high setting can eliminate risks from these beasties. Dry cleaning is also possible for bulky items such as duvets to keep them fresh and minimise contaminants.

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