Add value to your home- use granite countertops

Add value to your home- use granite countertops

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Home is a place where our heart is.It is a place where everyone wants to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. To cater such needs, a home must have a warm and inviting feel to it. The use of granite in designing or revamping can turn a normal house into a warm and inviting home. Granite is unquestionably one of the most preferred materials throughout the world when it comes to its use as countertops. The demand for granite kitchen countertops metro Atlanta is quiet high.

10 ways granite countertops add value to your home:

Granite is one of the most economic investment which adds both value and beauty to the home in many ways.

  • Aesthetic appeal: When it comes to the value of a living place, thefirst thing to get noticed is its interiors. Granite with its rich and varied natural colours, distinctive veining, when used for countertops adds grandeur to the home. Each slab of granite is unique with its subtle shades and marbling that makes it a treat to watch .This very nature of the granite gives a high end and elegant look to the countertops as well as home.
  • Durable: Granite is one of the hardest rock available. Formed under the earth’s surface from compressed molten rocks (igneous rocks) granite is extremely hard and durable. Therefore it is used as a counter top in kitchens, bathrooms and other places. Once installed it can last for a lifetime.
  • Low maintenance and cost effective: Granite is the easiest material to clean and maintain. It does not lose its character and shine by normal cutting and scrapping. A mild detergent and a wet cloth is what one needs to clean and maintain the granite countertops.It can be easily sanitized by a sanitizer. When it comes to cost, the installation value is quiet low when compared to its longevity and maintenance making it a cost effective investment.
  • Resale value: As a buyer one prefers ahouse which is more appealing when they have enough choices. Granite countertops provide the much needed competitive edge for the sellers in the resale market above the competitors. Now a days having granite countertops has become a priority rather than a preference.
  • Stain and scratch resistance: Granite kitchen countertops metro Atlanta when properly sealed is resistant to scratches and stains (mainly kitchen, where one can directly cut vegetables and fruits or knead a dough directly without worrying about the cuts, indentations and hygiene.)
  • Versatility: The granite counter tops can be used anywhere in the house. In the bathrooms it can be used as a bath vanity tops, due to granite being resistant to water and mold, along with its low maintenance. By using granite counter tops even a small bathroom can get a vanity look. Granite counter tops can also be used as a desk in other space of your home.

With so many unique qualities granite countertops are here to stay and add value to our homes for years to come.

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