How to Troubleshoot Common Issues in the Dishwasher

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues in the Dishwasher

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A problematic dishwasher can be a nightmare to most of the home owners. You need dishwasher to clean daily dishes and in case your dishwasher is creating problems, your kitchen may be filled with uncleaned dishes.

However, sometimes the problem in dishwasher is quite small and can easily be rectified at home without a serviceman. This guide will brief you some common problems of your dishwasher and how you can resolve those on your own.

Common Problems in Your Dishwasher

  • Dishwasher Is Not Cleaning Well

A dishwasher which is not cleaning dishes is of no use. Check your dishwasher thoroughly to identify the issue. Use a dishwasher cleaner and run a cleaning cycle without dishes to check if it works.

There are chances that the pressure from spray arms is low. In case, you use hard water, there can be chances of a build-up, which should be cleaned. Inspect the dishwasher’s spray arm and make sure that it is moving freely without any obstruction. In case the spray arm is worn out, you need to replace it.

  • Noisy Dishwasher

Unless your dishwasher has “ultra-quiet” technology, most of the dishwashers make some noise. However, if your dishwasher used to be quiet, but suddenly it has started making noise, there is surely some issue. There can be chances of a defective pump or defective bearing ring and arm seal. Moreover, there are chances that your dishwasher’s spray arms are hitting dishes or racks and making the dishwasher noisy. In such a case, spray arms need to be replaced. You could refer to a handy DIY guide to dishwasher repair for information on how to do it.

  • Your Glasses Aren’t Getting Proper Wash

In case, your glasses are coming out cloudy or white, there are chances of water build up in dishwasher. This can be because the water you’re using in dishwasher is hard. You can try correcting this issue by using a regular or hard water detergent. Moreover, you can use water softening system to get the issue rectified.

  • Your Dishes Have Spots

In case, your dishes get spotty when they come from dishwasher, you can rectify it using a rinse aid. A rinse aid will ensure that the water doesn’t stick to the surface of dishes.

  • Draining Issue

In case, your dishwasher is full of water and isn’t draining properly, there can be flooding in the kitchen. In such a situation, take a close look at dishwasher’s component and find out the problematic parts. In case, the valve of drain sump isn’t moving properly, try getting it replaced.

  • Leakage in Dishwasher

Leakage in the dishwasher is one of the dreadful problems. Leakage problem can lead to flooding in the kitchen and other serious issues. Firstly, check if there is any damage or crack in drainage hose and gaskets. Moreover, there can be chances of defective pump seal. Therefore, check the pump closely. If there is issue with the pump get it rectified. Additionally, check the door gasket. In case, it’s not sealing properly or has become brittle, replace it.


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